Saturday, September 30, 2006

Child Abuse!

Hello Everyone,

Last night I went to my nieces 2nd birthday party. As always my sisters two little ones are always fun to be around. I have a beautiful little niece and her little party should have been a happy occasion, for all of the kids it was, for one it wasn't. For all of the adults but two it was just very uncomfortable. The party turned out to be tense. My sister's sister-in-law and brother-in-law were there with their two foster daughters and his daughter from a previous marriage. My sister's sister-in-law's name is Leslie.

Well Leslie has a son around 18 - 20 when he was still a baby she divorced his father and gave custody to him, so she didn't raise her son. Now her husband's daughter is around 11 years old and they have just got custody of her. They decided to be foster parents. Fine, there need to be more foster parents for the needy children who need them. However, I don't think that if you didn't raise your own children you shouldn't raise anyone elses. At the party last night they were punishing one of the foster daughters name Chloe - they had her in a corner. As I was standing at the door she asked for something to drink and they told her no. My side of the family were really upset by the treatment of this little girl. We stayed in the dining area the whole time cause we didn't want to eat or drink in front of her. We made all the children do the same. While the foster parents and the other two kids with them sat right in front of the little girl eating cake and ice cream. At one point Leslie said "look Chloe birthday cake and your not getting any". What kind of adult would do that? A cruel one!

They didn't let her get up to sing the birthday song or to watch presents being opened. They allowed the other two kids to play in front of her while we tried to keep ours in the other room. His 11 year old daughter is, simply put, a brat. She is rude and she is always bouncing off the walls. Last fall she picked up a hand full of leaves and smashed them into my nephews little 2 year old face. When my sisters and I stopped her she was very smart with us. In my opinion she's the one that should be in the corner. I know she is a child but I can't stand to be around her. I'm not one for correcting others children but when the parents just sit there and don't do anything and another child might get hurt, I will.

So back to Chloe, she was being punished for something she did at school. She apparently hit someone and their lips started to bleed. Now I'm sure she didn't mean to make their lip bleed, a four year old child, I'm surprised, even has the strength to make anyone bleed. Now to me the responsible thing to do was for one of them to stay at home with her. If you are punishing a child you do not take them to a birthday party. All they did was make everyone feel uncomfortable and it was cruel to the child.

Now out of respect for my sister we didn't say anything. Except to my sister who kept hushing us and saying you don't know what she did (this was before we found out about the bloody lip). For us not to say anything, which if you know my family, is hard for us to do. We are all very out spoken. All night long and today I feel bad for not saying anything. But you know I don't care if she poked out someone's eye - she's four years old. I don't have a problem with putting a child in the corner, I've done it plenty of times with my own and my nieces and nephews. But to refuse drink and food and have her watch all of the other kids. That is just cruel and I think child abuse!!

I am disappointed in my sister and brother-in-law for not saying something to them. If that had been going on at my house or one of my other family members my sister would have said something. But because it was his family she didn't. My sister later called us and told us they would start having two parties for the kids. GOOD! Because next time I will say something. I am seriously thinking about calling foster care now and reporting them and I think as soon as I know their last name I will. I do not want to be around people like that, an adult who can eat in front of a child and then taunt her is nothing more than a low life.

I hope my sister thinks twice before she lets these people ever keep her kids again. They have kept them a couple of times and I hope after their display last night she won't ever let them keep them again. This four year old child is in the foster program there is no telling what she has had to go through in her short little life. Now she is stuck with cruel people like them to take care of her. That is just sad.

When they went to leave they made this little girl come into the dining area and thank my sister and brother-in-law for letting her come.

Say a prayer for both of these little foster girls that they find a good home and is removed from these cruel people.

Have a blessed day!


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