Monday, August 18, 2008

Reunions, Birthdays and Belly Dancing

Hello Everyone!

Well it's unbelieveable how fast time goes by. We have been enjoying our summer and our family. Been to a couple of family reunions. Loved seeing everyone and of course we've been spending time with our grandbaby. We have so much fun with him. I have some updated pictures of him alone and some with his Paw (Larry). They're on my computer at home so I'll try to get them posted tonight. I don't spend much time on the computer at home just because I am usually on it all day at work.

Larry is back at home for now. He came home on Tuesday and we'll just have to see how long he gets to stay home. His 50th birthday is the 25th and we're going to Philadelphia, MS to celebrate. I wanted to give him a party but he said I better not. He is very adamant about that lol. So no party but we plan on having a good time. We didn't lose to much when we went to Tunica last month but we didn't come home winners either. lol

My nephews are back at Alabama. Tony left the weekend before last and is moving into his fraternity house, he'll be a junior. Matt left on Friday and moving into one of the dorms. Of course this is Helen's second to leave home and she did cry. He was worried about her because he called her later that night and again on Saturday while we were at the reunion. I am just wondering who was really missing who? It's a great and exciting time for him. Well for both of them.

As I mentioned above the reunions were fun. We actually went to the Bibby reunion in June and well that one is just about dwindling down. Not many showed up it was kinda sad. This is my grandfather's side of the family. He was the oldest of six. There was Leldon (my grandfather) Hulen, Ozella, Aubrey, Troy and Oliver. Out of all of them only my grandfather's children come to the reunion. It use to be very crowded. With the deaths of all the older generation I don't think it'll be going on much longer. It's sad for me because I remember going when I was young, always at the same place in Oneonta.

The Hovies reunion was Saturday and we always have it at Noccalula Falls. Great place for the kids and everyone. There was so much food I didn't even get to sample all of it. It was there that I realized that all the older generation is gone too. My mom's generation are the older generation now. This reunion was on my grandmother's side. She was the youngest of six. Let's see if I can get them in order Edna, Sybil, Jewel, Junior, Fontalla and then Helen (my grandmother). Two of the sisters married brother's. One of her cousins married one of my grandfather's cousins so we also see them at the Bibby reunion. We had a great time.

Summer is taking belly dancing lessons and I have been thinking of joining her. I need to make up my mind because the first class for beginners is tonight.

Let's see can't think of anything else right now. I'll be sure to post pics when I get home. So I guess that's all for now. Until next time . . .

Have a blessed day!


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