Thursday, November 13, 2008

Messed Up Day

Hello Everyone,

The day started rather slowly for me today. I usually get up at 5:30 with hubby. I make his lunch and see him off. Then I either go back to sleep or just putter around the house. This morning I went back to sleep, in the living room. The alarm clock is in the bedroom. See where I am going? I woke up at 8:45. You know you jump up with that startled feeling. Gosh I am soooo late! So then I rush around like I have my head cut off. I usually try to get to work by 9. Not going to happen today. I'm rushing around getting dressed. I wear blue jeans and shirts to work usually, it is very casual. So after I am dressed and about to walk out the door I realize that I have to change. Josh's grandmother's funeral is today at 2. I cannot go to her funeral in jeans and a shirt.

I had to run to the bank and I finally got to work at 10:15. So that obviously messes my whole work day up. I was going to leave work at 12 for lunch and run some errands. Now my boss is out of town but that doesn’t stop the guilt from filtering in. I will only be at work an hour and 45 minutes and then I am going to leave. That means, because I will feel guilty all day, I am going to have to come back after the funeral. Not what I wanted to do.

Seen this comic strip and couldn't resist. If you can't read the caption it saids: "Tell the big guy another one of his gifts to women is being returned." Hilarious!

Have a blessed day!


georgie said...

I hate days like that...i always feel like i am one step behind...LOVED the cartoon!

~*Lisa*~ said...

I had a day like this on Wednesday! Yuck just could not stay awake had to go back to sleep! Yucky Yucky day here in Bama. I found your blog BATW! Glad I stopped by! Blessings

cornnut32 said...

i love that comic strip--i laughed out loud! haha!

i hate waking up like that--feeling startled. it really does throw a wrench in the entire day, even if i'm not running late.