Wednesday, November 05, 2008

One Nation Under God

Hello Everyone,

First I want to say Happy Birthday to my sister Angie!! Angie is the sister that gave me her kidney back in 2001. I hope you have a great one and see you at lunch.

I had a busy day yesterday. It started out going to my lawyers. I went to vote after that. Then I went home and my baby was waiting for me. Summer and Josh were done voting so we went to the museum like I had posted about and had a good time. It was a good and interesting exhibit. Of course we walked around to look at some of the other collections. We then went to Styx for lunch. Ray was so cute. He watched the fire and kept looking up thinking it was up in the ceiling. Then when the teppanyaki chef would do a trick Ray would clap. He is just too cute.

So we have a new president. President Obama to be exact. I have got emails and MySpace messages about praying for our country. Last night my sister text me worried God was going to turn his back on our country. Well you know first off we should've all been praying for our country to start with. Secondly, I don't care what country you are in, you will turn your back on God before he will turn his back on you. Obama is not responsible for my soul, I AM. If he declares this country Muslim then I will stand up for my beliefs. I feel the email and messages show what little faith this country has. I hope I am wrong.

About Obama being a non-Christian. Well he claims he is a Christian, a lot of people do. I am not going to debate on whether Obama is a Christian or not. Bush said he is a Christian too but look at the turmoil our country is in today because of him. I believe our nation is a nation under God. I believe that we will continue to be. If you believe that Jesus died for your sins and you are saved because of him, what are you worried about? Pray for your loved ones that aren't saved, pray for your friends that aren't. Pray for your enemies that don't know the Lord. But pray most of all for the ones that claim they do but are false Christians.

"Christianity is not about hatred, judgment, bigotry or self-righteousness. Christianity is about loving one another. It is about compassion and forgiveness. Accepting Christ is a pre-requisite for becoming a Christian. Showing your love for others through your works and deeds is what makes you a true Christian. Don't be a false Christian by spreading accusations, lies, being self righteous, calling other people non-Christians. False Christians commit the ultimate sin that of turning people away from Christ."

There you have it. Of course this is my opinion which I have the right to express since this is my blog. lol

Have a blessed day!


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Tea Time With Melody said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your sister is amazing to offer a part of herself to give you life. Enjoy it to the fullest! Please stop by again and I'll do the same. :)