Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Weekend Happenings

Hello Everyone,

So we had a great weekend. Larry and I went to get Ray Saturday to spend the day with him. He is so much fun to be around. We all went to WalMart. We went into the store by way of the garden center. I wanted Ray to see all the Christmas decorations. He just loved them. He kept staring and pointing. So cute! He was just a little over 2 months old last Christmas so he really had no idea what was going on. We passed him around in his Santa outfit and he slept most of the time. I am so excited about this year he is going to have so much fun.

So while we are shopping Larry is pushing Ray in the cart and every time Ray got excited he started kicking. I laughed so hard. His little feet were hitting his Paw in a delicate area. I told him that I'd push him and he said no he wanted to. But he was walking around that store with his butt slightly pushed out. It was hilarious.

When we got home Ray just played and played. We have our little Chico and Ray would point at him and say "Stop Chichi stop". His mother and father came over for dinner and we all just visited for a little while before they had to leave. It was so nice just getting to spend the day with him. We are very lucky that our daughter and son-in-law are great about letting us see him when we want. Well that is if it's not on their day. They each have a day they spend with him.

So later that night when Larry and I retired we were both pretty tuckered out. Where usually Larry has to wait about an hour or so before he's asleep he was out before I was. I was sleeping peacefully until the back of his hand hit me smack on my lips. OUCH! My first reaction was to spack him back when I realized he was still sound asleep. But believe me he heard about it in the morning. He said he just remembered he was having a nightmare.

After telling him about what he had done to me he decided that I deserved breakfast in bed. So I forgave him. lol We had a really lazy Sunday just sitting around the house talking. I caught up on some reading and Larry caught up on the laundry. Yes you heard me right, my husband does all of our laundry. I do the folding. He started doing it back when I got sick and he just kept doing it. I know! Lucky me.

So here comes Sunday night, time for bed. Sound asleep, dreaming, dreaming, dreaming then WHACK. He did it again!!! This time he elbows me square on the nose! I didn't have to wake him up, he jumped up, said "What?" While I am sitting there holding my nose he saids, "I didn't" and I said "oh yeah you did!" Luckily it wasn't bleeding but it was sore. Once again a nightmare. I guess I am lucky because he had killed someone in his dream nightmare. I have been making him feel bad about it all week. I've been going around the house saying "my nose is still sore". When really it isn't. In fact, it didn't even hurt Monday morning when I woke up. Mean - I know. I'll let him off the hook today. lol

So I guess I need to get back to work; I am leaving early today. Yay! I need it to look like I actually did something today ;-).

Have a blessed day!

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heathersister said...

Thanks for stopping by. Had a great saucy week. Very busy, lots of comments, wow.

Had a great birthday too, that for the Bday wishes.

Have a Happy Thanskgiving.