Monday, December 01, 2008

Gratitude Tag and SITS

Hello Everyone,

Wow can you believe it's already December 1st? Hard to believe that 2008 is almost over. Those great gals over at SITS are having their very first Annual Merry SITSmas post tomorrow. The grand prize is a $200 Target gift card and YOUR Blog Featured as their Friday Favorite!! They are going to be giving away a prize every hour tomorrow. How exciting! I'll be going home tonight and trying to figure out which Christmas picture I want to use. If you haven't been to their site you need to click on over right now. You're gonna love it!

I have been tagged by Lisa! It's a Gratitude Tag! The rules are to name 10 things you are grateful for and then tag 5 people. I'll be taking Lisa's lead and adding some pictures too!

I am grateful for:

1. Wouldn't be here without God and his son, Jesus, who died so that I can be saved.
2. My grandson Ray. Just seeing his little face transforms whatever mood I am in into one of happiness. I love him more and more everyday.

4. My beautiful daughter Summer. She is the best mom and makes both of us very proud.

5. Josh, my son-in-law, he is good to my daughter and is a great dad. Here's a picture of both of them:

6. My mom and dad and step-dad. They are always there for me.

7. My 3 sisters and brother. When I need them all I have to do is call.

8. Nieces and nephews. They are constantly making me proud.

9. My other baby Chico.

10. Last but not least my health!

So there you have it. Now I have to tag 5 other people so let's see. I think I'll take Georgie, Yaya, Melody, Valarie and Kori. I love reading all of their blogs and hope they don't mind me tagging them.

I hope everyone has a great Monday. Oh and you know I can not close without mentioning that WE WHOOPED AUBURN 36-0!!! YES!!!! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!

Have a blessed day!


Kori said...

Thanks for tagging me. I will play along in the next couple of days.

Awesome list by the way.

~*Lisa*~ said...

Great Gratefulness! I love all your pictures! So glad you played along! Blessings! Oh and WAR EAGLE!

georgie said...

congrats on your tag~you have a BEAITIFUL family!!! I loved all ten of yours
TY for the tag
I will try and do the tag after all the merry sitsmas excitement is over

Anonymous said...

Chico! So cute!!!
Thank you! I'll put it up after Merry SiTSmas dies down!