Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Random Facts Tag and Bye Bye Boston Legal

Hello Everyone,

I've been tagged by Melissa at My little World: Choo-choos, cars, and lip gloss . I have to list 7 Random Facts about myself.

1. I have had a kidney transplant.

2. I have to take 7 shots and 15 pills a day. That's a lot better than over 40 pills a day I use to have to take.

3. I have OCD. Not the cleaning kind. Mine has to do with numbers, letters and patterns. If you tell me you are 45 and got married at 18 I HAVE to count from 18 to 45. It doesn't matter that I know the answer is 27 right off the bat. I still have to count it and usually count it around 5 or 6 times. I also have to count by 5's to 100 before I go to sleep.

4. Before I moved to Alabama I had went to at least 7 different schools in my childhood.

5. I was born in California and lived there til I was 13.

6. I can not sleep in an unmade bed. If I don't make the bed before my husband goes to sleep I lay there awake all night. I HAVE to have sheets under me and over me.

7. I secretly had a crush on one of my husbands best friends when I first met him. You can tell my hubby he knows. lol

So now I have to tag 7 people and link to their post. Then I have to go to their blog and comment to tell them they have been tagged. So here goes:

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Melissa @ Little Things in Life
Racheal @ Scientific Nature of the Whammy
Kim @ ~~BeckettFan's Tales!!!~~
Tam @ Yakiddy Yak Yak
Lianne @ Socks are NOT the enemy

Last night was the final episode of Boston Legal. It is one of my favorite shows and now it is over. I just love how they always deal with real life issues. I'm gonna miss it. Bye Denny, Alan, Shirley, Carl, Clarence, Jerry and Katie! You have given me many hours of wonderful, funny, intellectual and entertaining television!

You know on election day there was nothing on tv but the election coverage. I got so tired of it I started flipping the channels and ended up on Bravo watching this:

Yes, The Housewives of Atlanta. Let me tell you I just thought it was funny. My first reaction was now these are California wannabes. I had never watched the California version but these ladies just looked like wannabes to me. They were having a marathon and so I watched I know around five of the shows before I went off to bed. I hate to admit that by the end of those 5 shows I liked it. lol I liked the fact that they seemed real in dealing with their relationships. Not fake. The finale was great too. But in all honestly I really do not have the time to be watching this show. As my hubby puts it, you watch all the crap shows. lol Now all of his are great don't you know.

So I need to get back to work I hope everyone has a great Tuesday.

Have a blessed day!


Melissa Wertz said...

Thank you Valerie!!! I wish I had the cleaning kind of OCD.. I have the germafob kind. I will wash my hands until they bleed. I used to brush my teeth that way too! My dentist said that DD saved my teeth.

One day, after bringing her home from the hospital, I realized that it was after noon and I had not brushed my teeth. (Usually I had brushed them 5-6 times) I nearly freaked, then realized that my teeth had not fallen out. I still keep a toothbrush in my purse and car. Floss and tooth paste too!

I will have my tag up in a couple of days!

tam said...

Hi Valerie! Congrats on your getting tagged and thanks for tagging me! It is fun getting to know more about you too! I have a thing about numbers as well. I notice patterns in numbers.
And I have watched the housewives show as well. All three different versions-out of curiousity of course. I watched the Orange county California one the most-couldn't get into the others so much. Maybe because I am a So. Cal. girl. I think it is so sad how materialistic these woman are-they have no clue what the meaning of life is or what true happiness is. Silly girls!
Well I have a busy day but will be getting to my post hopefully late tonight or tomorrow. So have a nice day girlie!
~Tam :D

BeckettFan's Tales said...

Thanks Valerie!!!!
I posted just a little bit ago!!! Hope you are having a great day!! Im at work boo!!!!! Thanks for the comment also!!!

Anonymous said...

I have OCD too. It's pure torture. I was clinically diagnoses 'severe ocd' maybe 4/5 years ago and have been on lexapro ever since which works wonders for me. Of course, now I'm lowering the doses bc of this infertility/miscarriage stuff and things are starting to creep back in but not too bad yet.

Grammy said...

Hi Valerie.
Thanks for stopping by. I hope were will be friends too. I was tagged already. I really do not like doing things like this. I have not watched TV since Jan 08. I watch movies and sitcoms like army wifes, on line. Inside all I have is lucky bamboo. I have lots of Lillis out side. But never had a
Peace Lilly.
Have a great day.

AndreaLeigh said...

I liked the Real Housewives of Atlanta as well. It is fun to watch other people's drama, is it not?

Christina said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope to see youaround more when I get the chance to actually do more with it!

Janie said...

I like the Housewives of Atlanta, too.

How cool you had a kidney transplant and you're kicking butt! Yaaaaaaah!

LenaLoo said...

I tagged my self for this :) Thanks for coming by my blog on SITSmas!