Monday, January 05, 2009

Christmas Events and Gifts

Hello Everyone,

Late night blogging for me tonight. It was a busy day getting back to work. So much had to be done and I managed to get a good bit of it accomplished. I absolutely love the holidays. It is my favorite time of year, but I must admit I am glad to get back to normal and have the "rush" over with. As I mentioned in a previous post we always have Christmas Eve at my sisters. All of the family goes and we swap everyone's present. It's the one evening of the year that EVERYONE in the family is together.

On Christmas morning we went to have breakfast at Summer's and Josh's so that we could watch Ray open his presents. I've already told you a couple of things I got him. I got Summer a houndstooth coat she has been wanting. She looks so good in it. I also got Josh a coat but it was too big so I have to go and exchange it. Later that afternoon they came over to open the rest of their presents. We then headed to my mother's for Christmas dinner. We had a very good Christmas and are thankful that God is always blessing our family.

When Larry got home on New Year's Eve he said he really didn't feel like going out. Yes!! I was so glad and relieved to hear him say that. I was so dreading having to go out. I just wanted to stay at home. Well we ended up playing the Wii and then adding new music to my "old" new laptop. We were so busy that when we just happened to look at the time it was 12 midnight on the dot. So we shared a couple of New Year's kisses and went back to what we were doing. Old folks New Year's lol.

Summer has had this laptop since she went to college. She had been having trouble with it so I had to wipe out the hard drive and reinstall all of the software. It is working great and I was preparing to reload her pictures, music and files to return it to her. I had already been online and was about to buy me one of Dell's 9 inch laptop's. I thought a 9 inch would be good and better to carry around with me. Then I got to thinking for just a few more hundred I could get a 15 inch. So I had both in my wish list but couldn't really make up my mind which one to get.

Well her mother-in-law got her a new laptop for Christmas. Yay! So now I am using her old one as my new one. lol It is working great and is actually faster online than both of my desktops. So you might say that I am computer rich at this point. I have really enjoyed doing my online stuff in the living room instead of going into Summer's old bedroom. My husband has banned it from the bed though. He never let's me have any fun!

Since I didn't have to buy a laptop I went ahead and got me a new video camera. The last one I bought I actually bought for Summer. We didn't have it long when a high school classmate of hers stole it from our home. (I'll have to post about that later.) So I got me a DVD video camera with a memory card and all the works. I thought it was the size of a regular DVD but it is a lot smaller.

One of the things I got Larry was a DVD set of Alabama's Defining Moments. He had asked for it and was really surprised when he got it. He said he thought I had forgot about it. As if!! I have a good memory. I can relate word for word of a conversation or letter that I had or read from years ago. He was like yeah I forget how good your memory is. He really hates it when we are arguing about something cause I can pop out stuff I remember and he's like I forgot all about that. lol Not me.

I'm going to sign off now I am ready for bed. I hope everyone has a great evening.

Your Merry Christmas may depend on what others do for you. But your Happy New Year depends on what you do for others.

Have a blessed day!


tam said...

Hi Valerie! Sounds like the holiday's were very good for you and your family!I especially liked the way you wrapped up your post-so true! Have a good week my friend!

April said...

Hi Valerie,

I'm visiting from SITS! Sure sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas with your family! I see that you live in Birmingham. We used to live in Madison, AL., right outside of Huntsville. Loved the area!

Have a terrific Tuesday!