Friday, March 06, 2009

ER Goings-On

Hello Everyone,

Well I usually do a Photo Story Friday on Fridays but not today. I was at the Children's Hospital emergency room last night and didn't get home until around 12:30 this morning. My beautiful little grandbaby has a staph infectionL. He has been running a low grade fever for the last couple of days. He is cutting his back teeth so we just figured it was from that. Of course Summer being a new mommy and all she had called his pediatrician just to make sure.

Well yesterday my mother noticed what she thought might be a risen on the back of his leg. She put neosporene on it and didn't think much about it. Ray was acting fine. I spent a couple of hours with him yesterday and he was playing all over the place. Last night after they took Ray his bath and they were drying him off they noticed that the sore looked really bad. She called the pediatrician and from Summer's description the doctor said she thought it was staph and to take him to the emergency room. They had to lance it and then drain it. My little man was so tired when we left there. Summer, Josh and I were doing our best to make him feel better. Once we got into the car and I turned the radio on he started waving his arms to the music. He is such a sweetheart.

There were 21 children waiting to be seen. There were about three or four with sprained ankles and one with a broken arm. The rest I guess must have had the flu or something. Two of the babies had low grade fevers and were coughing. But the rest of the kids were running around and playing and even some of the older kids were running back and forth. Now I don't know about you but I only go to the emergency room when I have to. I felt like a lot of the people there were using the ER as a doctor's office. I just don't understand why in the world you would want to do that. You wait longer at an ER than you would at a doctor's office. I understand some may have insurance issues but I still think you'd be better off at a doctor's office both for financial reasons and time reasons. We really didn't have a long wait, not as long as I expected anyway, and I was glad for that.

It wasn't too long before we left that a couple came in with a pre-teen who seemed to be feeling bad. He wasn't up running around like the other kids were. But the older gentleman that came with him was acting really drunk. He was really disruptive and before you knew it two security guards joined the one that had been there. They sat and chatted for a minute watching this older gentleman. Finally one of them walked over to him and started talking to him. I guess they told him to simmer down because he didn't make a peep after that. But it made me wonder why in the world that lady would bring him to the ER when he was so drunk.

Today my little man went to his regular doctor who looked it over to make sure it looked ok. Then she prescribed him some ointment for it. If he is in pain he is really hiding it well. That little guy is just always so happy and playful. I am glad that it isn't hurting him because I just couldn't stand it.

I guess everyone has heard that Robin Williams has to have his aortic valve replaced. I really hate that and I hope he has a full recovery. Larry and I have tickets to see him on March 21st. We have had them since December and have been very excited about seeing him. He has rescheduled all of his shows for the fall, so now our wait is a little longer.

It is really funny though because we have had Sammy Hagar tickets and the concert was cancelled. Twice we have had Lynyrd Skynyrd tickets and they have cancelled. Larry and I just laugh about it. We're not laughing about Robin Williams we're just laughing because it always seems to happen.

Say a prayer for Robin Williams as this is a pretty serious operation and say a prayer that my little man's infection clears up right away!

I am about to hit the road, it is almost 5 and I am ready for the weekend!

Have a blessed day!


Anonymous said...

Don't you just love the ER? I feel like I'm there with my kids (or hubby) every other month for something or other. Glad all is ok.

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

I'm glad y'all knew to react quickly. Those staph infections can be dangerous. The grandbaby has our prayers. Have a great weekend! ♥ ∞

Anonymous said...

Oh that's scary, I hope he's ok!

I am Harriet said...

Stopping by via SITS to say HELLO!

Alex the Girl said...

We went to the ER a few weeks ago and there were 4 children there with a nasty virus. Poor things! No drunks or sprains or broken bones. Hope your grandbaby is doing better.

Stopping by from SiTS to say hello, and have a good weekend.

jennifer said...

I am so sorry that your grandson was sick. I am glad you went to the ER - staph isn't something to be taken lightly. The symptoms were so tame!! It just scares me that I will miss something important one day with one of my kids.

I had no idea that you were old enough to be a grandmother. Looking at your thumbnail pic I thought you were my age! You look good lady!

Have a great week.