Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Family Brawl

Hello Everyone,

Little Stellan had a rough night but finally fell asleep a little while ago in his mother's arms. He has been very restless. Please continue to pray for him and his family. You can click here to get updates.

So Thursday we went for a couple of hours to see our family who was visiting from Florida. While I wasn't feeling 100% we all had a good time and were happy to see everyone. On Saturday I was feeling pretty good until the evening. I started with what I thought was problems with my allergies and well now it has turned into a head cold. But at lease I am not feeling so weak anymore.

On Saturday night we went back to my cousins house for another get together. Larry couldn't make it, he had a prior engagement. Actually we both did but since Robin Williams canceled I at least was free. Robin by the way got through his surgery with flying colors and was joking and cutting up with physicians after wards. Ok back to the get together. It ended up being myself, Summer, Josh and Ray.

We get there and right away I see that literally everyone is there. Rare occasion for everyone in my extended family to be in one place all at one time. So as soon as we get there we are immediately thrown into picture taking. Pictures of all the girl cousins, all the second generation girl cousins, all the boy cousins, all the brothers and sisters, etc., etc., etc. Again I was not feeling like standing up outside sniffling and taking pictures. But you know you do what ya gotta do.

So after we ate all of the females congregated on the deck while all of the men were congregated by the garage. We were just talking just about everything. We got on the subject of how us girls always use to fight with the boys. We out numbered them by one. lol So we were having a good time going down memory lane.

Well they decided to play a joke on one of my male cousins, Bo. Now I am still not sure what went on with this joke or why it was even a joke. They (my two cousins, one of which is his sister) called him up to the deck. Well when he got there they told him the phone was for him that it was Jerry. Now Jerry is a 2nd or 3rd cousin and he and Bo are close. So Bo answered the phone by calling him a 'pet name' (ugly pet name). There was some ugly things said, I guess that's the way they talk to each other. Bo finally realized that he wasn't talking to Jerry so he handed the phone over to my cousin Julie. It is Julie's house that we are at, so it's her phone. She looked at the caller ID and started in on Bo that it was the little boy from across the street.

Things got ugly from there. Next thing we knew the table went flying, drinks went flying and then there was pushing. Now Julie and Bo have always lived across the street from each other. They are the same age and they have been known since childhood for their fighting. Before I knew what was happening I was up, along with my two sisters, in my cousin Bo's face trying to calm him down. Well the men, of course, heard the commotion. So now they are running up the ramp. Meanwhile, Bo and Julie are screaming the ugliest obscenities to each other and Julie is throwing things.

Sigh. So the guys get Bo to go down by the garage so we turn our attention to Julie. Now it is me, my son-in-law and my cousin Tammy trying to keep Julie on the deck. I want you to know that she, with me in front of her pushing her back and my cousin and SIL behind her pulling her back, literally pushed and pulled all three of us down that ramp. I looked at Tammy and said there's no stopping her.

So the guys by this time have all pulled their shirts off (I just don't understand that) including Bo. They are all trying to talk to Bo who is still screaming back and forth with Julie. Now Julie's husband has been in the house this whole time. I guess someone went and got him because just when things seem to settle down a little here he comes running. Sigh. Julie threw a broom that ended up hitting my SIL in the head. I tell him you need to get in the house with Summer and the baby. So I am just standing there watching all the men in the drive way, Shane goes running out there and then a pushing match begins.

Next thing I know I see this little stick in between Shane and Bo. Now Shane and Bo are pretty good sized men. The little stick I seen was my SIL. Sigh. Here I go. So I go out to the driveway and when I get there I see that my SIL is indeed sandwiched between these two fellows and I can just see him getting hurt. Bless his heart he was trying to keep them from fighting. So I am yelling 'Josh get out of there'. (You can believe he got a mouthful on the way home too.)

Also while I am there worrying about SIL I see my 78 year old father standing there with his fists up. So I had to go over there and tell him he needed to go sit down. Did he listen? No. Well to shorten this story after a little more shoving, a lot more talking, everyone calmed down. I quickly gave hugs gathered up my family and left. Before we were out of the driveway Bo and Julie had started yelling again. He had tried to go and apologize to her and well I guess she was still mad.

When I was a kid this would have been a very 'calm' get together for us. I had three uncles (they have all passed) who were on drugs. Just about every get together there was a brawl. I don't just mean fist fights either. I have seen my uncles take shovels, axes, knives, guns - anything they can get their hands on. I have seen them get stabbed, beaten and arrested. Since their passing our get together have been uneventful - well except for Saturday that is.

This by the way is my mother's side of the family. It is a well known fact that all of her family have the worst tempers ever. We are all cursed with it and it has got us all into trouble. I have it, my sisters, daughter, nieces - we just all have it. When we get mad it is pure fury. We don't listen to reason. It is like a blinding rage. Before you realize it you have literally went crazy. I am glad to say that I have learned along with my immediate (brother, sisters, daughter, nieces) family to handle this. When I was young it would only take you looking at me too long and it would set me off. Now I am a much calmer and wiser person. Thanks to God who calms me.

You know I am just too old for nights like that. Geesh! Please remember them in prayer also.

Have a blessed day!


Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

I'm so sorry this happened. Perhaps time and much prayer will let these wounds heal. God bless. ♥ ∞

Casey said...

So sorry

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday, God Bless

From your fellow SITS sister

The Blonde Duck said...

Whew! Sounds like ya'll had a rough night.

~*Lisa*~ said...

OH SWEET HEAVEN'S TO BETSY! I totally understand. Family Drama is the worst! :) Glad you left with no blood flowing! Blessings

"FINE"al thoughts... said...

It's always hard when family get-togethers go awry. We've had our fair share of them. I am also praying for little Stellan. If you go to MckMama's website there is a new button just put up you can put on your blog about him. Such a heart-rending story! Stopping by from SITS.

Tea Time With Melody said...

WOW, I would have loved to have been there LOL At least it is not boring.....

The Rambler said...

scrolling through the list of all the awesome SITSa's that paid me a visit on my SITS day.