Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Biopsy News

Hello Everyone,

Monday was a very long day for me. My daughter and I got to the hospital at around 5:45 a.m. I then had to wait to do my labs. After that I was admitted into the hospital and taken to my room. At around 8:45 the doctor came in and explained the procedure to me. They got the sonogram machine and located my kidney. At which time they marked my belly with a black marker. Because even though they have a sonar they do the biopsy blind. So I was kinda like what if you miss? Ya know?

They gave me two shots to numb the area they were going to insert the needle into then I had to let them know whenever I felt anything. The part I was really worried about was the actual slicing of the kidney. The last biopsy I had they numbed the area they were inserting the needle into but not my kidney. I actually felt them slice my kidney twice. Ouch! Luckily though this doctor believes in numbing the kidney also. So after they inserted the needle they gave my kidney a shot and it was numb. I was much more relaxed when I heard they were going to do that.

The procedure was faster than I thought. I had to lay on my right side for an hour and make sure that pressure was being applied to the area. After that hour I was to lay in bed for 6 hours. No getting on my feet at all. I was uncomfortable and when I found out that I would have to use a bed pan to use the bathroom, I was like no way! I hate using a bed pan!

So began my holding in my urine for all those hours. By the time my time was up I was ready to explode. I had to make sure that there was no blood in my urine also. They were talking about keeping me over night and I wasn't really ready for that. They hadn't mentioned it before so I wasn't prepared. Luckily they didn't have to. I got home around 7 p.m. Monday night. Now for the next two weeks I can not lift anything, I can't climb stairs, I can't walk too much. I am to take it easy as much as I can. Blah, blah, blah. During the next two weeks if I see any kind of blood than I am to go straight to the emergency room.

Sorry I didn't post yesterday I spent all day in bed. I just felt drained and I was relaxing. Larry stayed home which was a surprise. I was expecting him to leave Monday for work but instead he stayed Monday and Tuesday. More time with him was great. He also waited on me hand and foot. lol

The preliminary diagnoses is that the blood vessels to my kidney have become restricted. When we first seen my kidney on the sonar I had mentioned to the doctor that it looked small to me and he had confirmed that it did. So I guess that is the reason it looked small. Now these are the preliminary findings. They said they probably wouldn't get all the biopsy results back until Friday or even Monday. So for now that is all they know.

In the meantime they have changed my medicine. They have increased one of my medicines that is suppose to not only help the blood vessels but also protect my kidney. I go back on April 30th to find out the plan of action. So until then that is basically all I know.

I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. I'll be sure to let you know if they call and anything else comes up.

Remember this post? Well April has made it to 35 weeks! Her prognosis still isn't good but I know God still performs miracles and will continue to pray for her and her family. Also, Stellan had surgery yesterday hopefully he is on his way to a full recovery. Let's keep him and his family in our prayers also.

Have a blessed day!


Anonymous said...

Oh Valerie. I thought about you all yesterday. What a painful sounding procedure. I got tears in my eyes just reading about it, I can't imagine going through that.

Mighty M said...

Glad you made it through okay - thanks for the update!! ;-)

Kathy B! said...

I will keep you in my prayers for that you may have strength through all of the medical drama, and that the diagnosis is... clear and healthy.

Rosie said...

I admire your courage and strength. God Bless you and your family

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

You are still in our prayers. The procedure sounds really unpleasant. I would never have made it 6 hours without urinating! I would have to use the bed pan. Yuck.

tam said...

Hello Valerie,
I am glad you are home, and didn't have to stay. That sounds like a tough day to say the least. I will continue to keep you in my prayers! Get lots of rest and take care, please keep us posted~Smiles~Tam!

Lianne said...

Hugs and prayers to you!

Beth said...

Wow you have been through a lot and you had the time to comment on my blog? Thanks by the way. Take care of yourself now.