Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Singing and An Egg Hunt

Hello Everyone,

I had a great weekend guys! Friday night it started off with a singing at church. It was an
absolutely awesome production. It was an event that I enjoyed so much. There were songs, skits and a white glove black light show. Did I say it was awesome? I wish I had brought my camera with me. What an awesome blessing.

Early Saturday morning Ray and I went to the church Easter Egg Hunt. This is Ray before the hunt he was so anxious. They started off by singing a couple of songs and he started dancing. He was so cute.

You can't really tell but he was dancing

Also, my batteries died right when we got there so I didn't have time to change the date so just don't pay attention to it. lol So anyways, all the way to the hunt he was saying 'basket, basket'. lol He is just so cute.

Anxiously waiting

When it was time I took him to where the eggs were and I said 'look Ray pick up the egg and put it in your basket'. I want to tell you he let out a scream when I told him that and then he took off running. He started grabbing eggs and putting them in his basket like crazy. Every time he picked up an egg he let out a scream. He was just too funny.

He got 17 eggs in all. I had to stop him because his
basket was full and I was having to put eggs in my sweater pocket.

He kept doing this after we were done. I had to take his basket away
because every time he did it his eggs would fly every where.

Counting his eggs

Then he realized there was candy in those eggs

Well after the egg hunt we went and got some lunch and off to my house. Paw was up and we ate and showed him all of Ray's eggs and candy. It wasn't long before my little guy was off in dream land.

On Sunday we all got together with my family. Larry was off work so he rode up later on the motorcycle. It was nice to be with everyone and especially nice to eat. lol I hope you all had a great weekend too.

Have a blessed day!


lmt1073 said...

he is a cutie... i love his hair!!

Mighty M said...

How cute - kids are so fun to watch!

Sheryl said...

It looks like he had a wonderful time at the Easter egg hunt. I just love your header picture, he looks so full of life.

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

What a cutie! He's got the cuteist smile.

Someone needs to learn how to set the date on their digital camera. [lol] Those things are way too complicated, aren't they!?

Grand Pooba said...

Eating is ALWAYS my favorite part of anything! Ok, everytime I look at that darling picture of Ray at the top of your blog, I get a smile on my face. He. Is. Darling!

If I was his gma, I'd spoil the heck out of that kid!

Yaya said...

He's SO CUTE!!!!

You are so blessed to be able to spend so much time with him!

Carla said...

are all those eggs blue?
Looks like he had a blast!
And now that he knows there is candy in eggs-well-look out world:)