Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hometown tour, Flip Flop and Hometown Swap

Hello Everyone,

So in my last post I forgot to mention that today is my Hometown Tour post over at Alabama Bloggers. Go now!!! Check it out!

Semi-Slacker Mom at Confessions of a Semi-Slacker Mom held a Flip Flop Swap. Look at the totally cute flip flops that Robin at The Stallings Clan got me! Aren't they so cute? Thanks Robin!

Shannon over at Welcome to the Nut House! had a Hometown Swap that I participated in.

My swap partner was Tanya at up from here in Colorado. Look at all of the neat stuff she got me.

She got me an Estes Park t-shirt, Colorado sticker, Cosmos flower seeds, a little Colorado clippie, a Colorado key chain, Colorado water bottle, Colorado magnetic notepad (I love these thingys!) with a matching pen and Walking Into Colorado's Past book. It is beautiful with a lot of pretty pictures. lol And did you see the card? It is too cute!

I have always wanted to visit Colorado I think it is just beautiful! Hop over and check out these ladies they have great blogs. Oh don't forget to check out my post over at Alabama Bloggers! Until next time

Have a blessed day!


Jennifer said...

I had the best time with this swap. You got some great stuff.

Shannon said...

Totally cute flip-flops. Of course, this is coming from a self-proclaimed flip-flop fanatic... I've yet to see a pair I don't like ;)

And thanks for participating in the Hometown swap! You got some wonderful goodies!

Rosie said...

Hometown swap? that's cool.

Sweet Momma said...

Totally make sure you post that video!!
so true and the world needs to hear it!

Tranquility said...

What a fun package!