Monday, September 14, 2009

Secret Christmas Ornament Swap!!

Hello Everyone,

It’s A Wonderful Life

Today is the day!! I have been wanting to have a Christmas Ornament Swap for a while now. Not only a swap but a secret swap!! Do y0u want to join in on the fun? Great!! I intend for this to be tons of fun and also to make a few new friends. Here are the rules:

1. Grab the button on the left and put it on your blog.

2. You have to spend at least $20 before shipping!! You can spend more if you want, but the least you can spend is $20. It can be just one ornament or several if that’s what you want to do. It is your prerogative if you want to spend more but please don't be upset if your partner doesn't.

3. It is a ‘secret’ swap so no reveal until you send your ornament. Please include your blog address and a card. To make it more fun don’t forget to gift wrap the ornament.

4. Once you get your swap partners name and her blog address give her a visit and get to know her a little.

5. Deadline to mail your ornament is Thanksgiving, November 26th. On the outside of the package if you don't want to reveal your name until your partner opens her card, then just write Secret Ornament Swap with your mailing address. It would be good to have delivery comfirmation also. It costs between $.70 - $2.00.

6. Please do not sign up if you are not going to participate. It is not fair for someone to be left out if you have decided you don’t want to participate. Please contact me if you have a problem and have to withdraw. Please do this before the deadline (November 26th).

7. Once you have your ornament blog about it!! I will have a link up so we can all visit each other and see the great ornaments we got!

So that’s it!! This swap is open to anyone! Deadline for participating in the swap is October 20, 2009. I will get your partner info to you by the 25th!

How do you join? Send me an email at or you can click my email button on the sidebar. I will need the following information in your email.

Your name and address

Your blog name and address

Favorite color/Or color you decorate in

Do you have a holiday theme? Or collect anything? (i.e. snowmen, Santa’s, Willow Tree, etc.)

Anything you don’t want/don’t like. (i.e. no glass ornaments, no Santa’s, etc.)

Also are you okay with shipping overseas? (please be sure to answer)

Let’s have some fun with this!! Don’t forget to blog about it and tell your friends – the more the merrier!! Until next time

Have a blessed day!!



Kris said...

How cute!!

Misty said...

i signed up! I'm ready... I have a swap starting, on my blog, soon. I hope you'll participate!

blueviolet said...

It's such a cute idea. I'm still upset about getting so burned on my last one though...

The Blonde Duck said...

That is such a fun idea!

LoveMy2Dogs said...

Your button is up and I have emailed you already!!

auntrene said...

Very cute idea.. I love it!!!
I may decide to participate, we will see.. I love buying Christmas Ornaments and what fun to share with someone.
Thanks for the idea!!!
I read about it at my SIL's site

McVal said...

S.WEET! I'm signing up now.

The Un-Bride said...

How fun! Stopping in from the SITS to say hi.

I definitely want in on this!

Katy said...

Well, I tried to email you, but it would not accept it because I have a hotmail account. Any other way I could get in touch with you?

Cindy Lou said...

I am signed up and can't wait!! I love Christmas!!!

Blessed Beyond said...

I have signed up! This is exciting! And I am off to put your button up!
Hugs and Blessings,

ethelmaepotter! said...

This sounds like so much fun! I've already posted your button on my site and sent you an email. Will get a blog post up about it in the next few days.

A Mom After God's Own Heart said...

I love this...found you from MBC and I will be sending you an email to join this swap! Love your blog, so cute:) I am now following you

jennifer said...

I've never participated in a swap before but this one sounds fun! Great idea Valerie!

imbeingheldhostage said...

sounds fun! You are a dear for taking this on.

Trish said...

Count me in. I just sent you over an email and I am going to post your button now!!!!

I am so excited!!!!!!!

I am going to put up my tree now an d wait...just kidding!!!!