Thursday, May 04, 2006

My New Blog!

Hello Everyone,

Well, I got so far behind in my old blog I just decided to start a new one. For the newbies my name is Valerie. I am married to Larry, who is my best friend, I have one beautiful daughter, Summer, and the cutest little dog, Chico. I believe, besides God, that family is the most important part of life.

I currently work whenever I feel like it. That is I sit my own hours. If I don't feel like going in I don't. I was very lucky to get this job. I wasn't even looking for one when a friend called me up one day and said "hey do you want to do this" and I said "why not".

I just celebrated my daughter's 21st birthday with her (May 2). Had a hard time with her turning 21 she's grown up so fast. I didn't know what to get her as we have spoiled her and she gets whatever she wants. I had already given her a digital camera, 2 computers (including a laptop), and she basically gets what she wants all during the year. So I gave her a $100 cash, a bikini from Victoria's Secret (she has so much VS stuff she could open her own store), a washer and dryer for her new townhouse (she just moved from Mt. Brook to Homewood on Sunday), and a paid trip to Las Vegas/Los Angeles in June. She is hinting around for a new car but I don't think I will do that right now, maybe for Christmas. That's a picture of her below. Isn't she beautiful? This is actually an old picture of her, her senior year. I will have to download some newer ones in a few days.

I have also posted a picture of my baby, Chico. Summer got him her senior year of high school. When she went to college he kept us company and now he is as spoiled as she is. We just love to play with him, he is so funny. He also has his own clothes including a black Harley shirt that is just adorable.

Well, I better go now I'm leaving early today to spend some time with Summer before she goes to work at 4. Then I have to take my ChicoBaby to the vet for his yearly shots, he gets mad at me because of this and he'll get in the car and ignore me, it's so funny.

Post at ya later.

Have a blessed day!


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