Thursday, January 04, 2007

Can't believe it's been over a month!

Hello Everyone,

Well I can't believe that it has been over a month since I have posted. I still have some things that I want to post but as the previous posts states they'll have to wait.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and a Happy New Year. I was looking forward to Christmas and the New Year but life got in the way. Regardless we had a nice one under the circumstances. We did however have lots of fun at my sister's house on Christmas Eve. Her boys had got that new game WII. It was soooo much fun Josh and I played the boxing game and let me tell you I thought I had went around 5 rounds I was so tired. I had actually only went 1/2 round, boy I'm out of shape. Needless to say Josh kicked my ass even after I gave the controller to my nephew to finish the game for me. The kids all had a good time opening presents and all. On Christmas day we spent the day at my older sister's house and after dinner we watched our home movies. Seeing our loved ones that have passed made us laugh. Especially my little brother Ray, he was in the video and making faces, he was very entertaining and fun to be around. We really had a fun time watching those. So here's a pic of my family on Christmas morning.

Ok now on to the bad stuff. Larry's father, Jimmy, passed away on December 14. It has been a really tough time for us. Larry and his father weren't only father and son but best friends too. Larry is an only child and he was really close to his father. When I first met Larry him and his father had a love/hate relationship but for the last 9 years or so they really have got close and they had a good relationship. The Sunday after Jimmy died, the day of his funeral, the phone rang early. It made us sad because I don't know how many times Jimmy has called and woke us up early on Sunday and me complaining telling Larry to tell him not to call so early. I only wished it had been him. Larry really misses talking to his dad. They talked several times during the week and a lot on weekends. They'd call each other about the races, Alabama football games, baseball, basketball or just to talk. I don't think it's really hit Larry yet, he hasn't cried yet. The night of the viewing I thought was going to be the toughest time for him and he just didn't want to go. Well with all the people and all his brothers that showed up they really made him feel good. There were so many of our friends there, I know their support is what got Larry through it. Jimmy was a sweet man and we will always miss him.

So after the funeral Larry just kinda went through the motions of Christmas he stayed home and didn't go to our Christmas Eve celebration, which he loves to go to. Of course it is understandable. He did feel like watching Summer and Josh on Christmas morning opening their presents and we had a nice long visit with them. Took a few pics and then we were off to eat at my sisters.

So Christmas came and gone. Larry got sick and then I got sick. The day after Christmas I just started feeling bad. So off to the doctor I went because Larry threatened me if I didn't. So I had bronchitis and a sinus infection, bed rest and off of work until the 2nd for me.

We spent a quiet New Years Eve at home and just watched some of our favorite shows and then just talked. Might not sound exciting but with me sick and Larry just getting over being sick we really didn't feel like going out. I know I enjoyed just being home.

Now on to some more bad news. On New Years Day we found out that Kristy Woolwine was killed by her husband. They were going through a divorce and he killed her. If you've watched the local news or live in Gardendale you know what case I'm talking about, the murder/suicide. When I first heard the news her husband was still alive and I was hoping he would die. Then I decided I wanted him to live so that he could spend the rest of his life in prison. He left his children orphans. Two of the most beautifulest and sweetest little girls. Kristy is very special to my family and we loved her. She dated my brother Ray. She was part of our family. We are in shock and hurt by her death. My brother Ray died back in 1988 when he and Kristy were just 17 & 18 years old. The last time I seen Kristy was a few weeks back. I ran into her at Walmart with her two little girls. We always hugged when we seen each other both to say hello and goodbye. After I hugged her this time I barely made it to my car before I just broke down crying. I wasn't just crying I was sobbing. I called my mom, sister and Summer crying just telling them that I had just seen Kristy. When I got home I still was crying and when Larry got home he was like what's wrong with you and I was crying so bad it took me a while to tell him. Now I have seen Kristy a hundrend times since my brother died but seeing her that day just got to me. At the time I thought it was because seeing her with her little girls made me think that they could have been my brother's daughters if he hadn't died.

But now I just wonder. I have always felt like when you love someone your heart makes a connection with theirs and when you see them your heart feels that love and feels their love for you. So when someone dies we grieve but I believe that the reason it is so hard on us is because our heart is missing the love that it felt from that persons heart. So I wonder if my heart knew that would be the last time I seen her. I know this all might sound crazy but that's just what I have been thinking about these last few days.

So now I have started crying again and so I am going to stop posting and go to bed. Please say prayers for Larry to help him in the death of his father. Say prayers for Kristy's little babies, her mother, her two sisters and her brother. Jimmy and Kristy you will be missed and always in our hearts.

Have a blessed day!


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