Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Signs from God

Hello Everyone,

I have been meaning to post about my sister's Navigator for about a month now. Every time I thought about it something comes up, but now I have the time to do it. So it was Thursday, September 25th, Survivor was premiereing that night. Everyone that knows me knows that I do not like to do anything or talk to anybody on Thursdays. That is my tv night.

Survivor was having their 2 hour season premiere. I text my family and told them do not call me, text me or bother me while Survivor is on. Well about ten minutes into Survivor my sister sent me this text, "my car caught fire". I text back, "liar". Now if you know my sister she is always playing tricks on people. She called my mom several times while Summer was pregnant to tell her she had went into labor. That's the kind of tricks she plays on people.

So when I got that text I was like she's only doing this because Survivor is on. So I texted her to send me a picture. "I can't, I'm not at home". Ok she's lying. So during the next commercial I call my brother-in-law. He doesn't answer the phone. I wonder why? Well come to find it he didn't answer the phone because he was outside with the firemen. So she wasn't lying.

The reason I am blogging about this at all is because what happened after the firemen left. My nephew, Cody, was outside in the Navigator getting his mother's personal stuff out of the car. He was getting her change and he burnt his fingers. The coins were hot. After getting burnt he was picking them up very delicately. So he was real surprised when he picked up his mother's cross. Her cross, that had been laying with the hot coins, was cool to the touch. It wasn't hot at all.

It made me think about how amazing that is, God is always giving us signs. All throughout the day we have signs from God. We just have to take the time to see them.

I know someone that I consider a miracle. Her mother Kelly I've known for a long time. I first seen her daughter, Katy Bug, on a web site a friend sent me. I kept visiting the website because Kelly looked so familiar to me and I just couldn't place her. It had been years since I seen her when I found out why she looked so familiar. We had went to elementary school and high school together. Kelly was younger than me but I remembered her. Her little Katy Bug is 15 months old now. If you want an inspiration she's it. She has struggled her whole little life just to stay alive. She just keeps getting better and better. She is truly a miracle child. Her website isn't up any longer or I would post it here.

Keep Katy Bug in your prayers. She still has a lot of surgeries to go through. I also would like you to pray for a good friend of mine. She has found out that she has T-LGL Leukemia. She is really more concerned for her family than she is herself. This is a rare kind of Leukemia not much is known about it. Please remember her and her family in your prayers.

Remember to look for those signs from God, they are truly everywhere.

Have a blessed day!


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