Thursday, November 06, 2008

My Musings

Hello Everyone,

I woke up to a cool brisk beautiful day. I always get up and say a little prayer for making it through the night. I also know that starting the day off with prayer makes for a better day. I woke up in a much better mood than I was in last night. I had a great day yesterday. I was happy all day long. Between leaving my office and getting to my driveway it changed. Three vehicles at three different places just pulled right out in front of me. I had to actually slam on my brakes to miss them. So I guess that is what aggravated me.

Then when I get home it is so dark outside I have to feel to get the mail. I had forgot to leave the front porch light on. I forget that it's getting dark by 5 o'clock. I hate that. I like getting home with the sun still in the sky. I just don't understand why we need Daylight Savings Time now. I realize why we needed it in the past, but it just doesn't make sense to me now.

So when I get in the house it is hot as all get out. Right away I turn on the air. Then I noticed my tv was off in the living room. I always leave it on when I leave so that my Chico baby won't be in a silent house all day by himself. Right away I am wondering why my tv is off. So then I start to search my house. I'm not a paranoid person. But the other day when I got home my back fence was closed. The next morning when I went to leave for work, it was open. So I have been a little jumpy as to why it was open. At any rate, I guess the power went off and that's why my tv was off. That's all I could figure anyway.

My sister and I had been worrying about my father. So she called my aunt and he has pneumonia. He usually gets it once a year. I hate that we're not closer so that we will know these things. He had a grand mal stroke back in 1999. The night before he had it I was woke up. I was woke up by a voice telling me to start praying for my father. So that is what I did. Later the next day I got the call about his stroke. I am a believer in dreams, spirits and premonitions. I know that a lot of people don't believe in them, but some of the females in my family have always had dreams or premonitions.

My oldest sister use to have dreams that would come true. She dreamed my father had a rifle thrust through his arm one time and the next day he came over with his arm in a sling. He had fell and broke it while riding a bike. She has dreamed of a co-worker that had knives thrust in her belly. The co-worker hadn't been at work, when she returned my sister told her about her dream. Her co-worker started crying because she had had a miscarriage. She hadn't even told anyone she was pregnant yet.

The Christmas before my brother died she had dreamed and told us all that one of us wouldn't be there the next Christmas. We all laughed because my younger sister was living in Missouri at the time. Her husband kept telling her they were moving back here. We were laughing and telling her he wasn't going to move her back and that it was her that wasn't going to be with us. Her husband did keep his word though and they've lived here ever since.

I don't have dreams. I have feelings when things aren't going to go right. I have feelings about people. If I have bad feelings about you when I meet you, that is it for me. I know you are not suppose to judge but there is a reason I have feelings about people. Some things you just can't ignore. We all have some form of warning that our minds give us. Well that's what I believe anyway. I have just learned that you can't always ignore your feelings. Whether you believe in them or believe in God you have to heed to the danger you may sense.

My sister knows of this cemetary in Missouri where witches are buried. They have had themselves buried facing the West because they're reasoning is that they don't want to see God. First off if that isn't an acknowlegement of him I don't know what is. Secondly, "Every Eye Shall See" Rev 1:7 I don't care if you are at the bottom of the sea, you are gonna see Him when he comes.

I was just informed that I have to make a 30 minute power point presentation by tomorrow evening. I love power point that will be easy enough. What's not going to be easy is I have to wait on 4 of our agents to send in their information. That will be the hard part. It takes them forever to do anything and they are always late in getting me the material I need. So I gotta run.

Have a blessed day!


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jennifer said...

Well hey Valerie! Great to meet you..... I hope that you are getting a good vibe from me. And no, that is not judging. It is discernment, or what I call "The Spirit bearing witness". You keep following as the Spirit leads.

I am definitely hoping for a Tide victory this weekend. Alabama football is a unifying factor in our family life... something that all of us can get excited about and support together.

And I SO agree... every knee shall bow, every tongue confess. How amazing is our God?

Have a blessed weekend.