Thursday, November 20, 2008

Irritating Wednesday

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday afternoon I was irritated. I really can’t put my finger exactly what made me irritated, but just the same I was irritated. I went to eat lunch with my sister at Cracker Barrel. They were out of their lunch special (chicken pot pie) which is what I wanted. So I decided to get a baked potato. I was irritated because they didn’t have what I wanted and I really didn’t feel like eating any of their salads or meals. I really don’t like eating salads from restaurants. I hate the white part of lettuce that all restaurants seem to put in their salads. Hello! It’s called a green salad. So I just had the baked potato.

My sister and I were eating and talking when a toddler screamed. It startled us. So you know you are going to turn around and look. So I do and I see two families with two toddlers at two different tables. I am not sure which one screamed therefore I cannot glare at the mother. Dang it! It would have made me feel so much better to glare at the mother. So we continued eating our meal when there it goes again - another scream. So I decide I don’t need to look this time. I didn’t feel the need to glare at that point.

When my child was little I don’t ever remember her screaming not even once in any public place. I have a one year old grandson; he never even pitches a fit or screams at home, let alone in a public place. He has screamed in laughter before which I find delightful. I guess I was lucky with my child and it looks like my daughter is lucky with her child. However, he is still only 1 year old.

I know it is stressful for a mother and a father when their child is just screaming and throwing a fit any where, let alone a public place. I can over look it a couple of times but when your child is continually screaming and you are just sitting there throwing toys at them, drinks or more food that is just not helping the situation. If they have been screaming and throwing a fit for a few minutes you need to get up and take her child to the restroom. I am not saying jump up dragging them by the arm and pulling them to the restroom. I am saying get up and walk your child to the restroom. Once there give them the chance to calm down. Don’t get in their face and don’t threaten them to make them behave. Let them calm down and talk to them, if they are too young to talk just cuddle with them. After you have talked and they are calmed down, rejoin your party. Everyone is happy, the other patrons are happy and you and your party are happy.

Yesterday this lady just put her head down and kept eating while her child kept screaming. You know there is a point where you have to say enough already. I was tempted to go over there and say it’s time for you to take her to the restroom. But I didn’t.

That screaming little girl made my irritation worse. When my older sister came in we said we’re leaving. My brother-in-law had called and he was eating at a Mexican restaurant so off we went. My sister was relating to my other sister and my bil about the little girl. The first thing my other sister said was, “Valerie said something to them didn’t she?” They know me well. No I didn’t say anything. But let me just say, I am a work in progress. A few more minutes and I might have. lol

Let me also say that this child wasn't upset and crying. She was just screaming and screaming and screaming. Both her parents just sat there and continued eating. Neither one of them tried to hush her or anything. A crying child is understandable, but one that is just screaming just to scream? That and the parents not reacting is what was irritating.

So I was laughing and fine by the time lunch was over. I was ready to go back to work and finish my day. Then I get on the internet. Now if my husband were to ever get on the internet and flirt with someone I would be shocked and absolutely go bonkers on him. I can’t understand these men who get on websites and outright flirt with women. That irritates me too. Twice now I have seen a husband get on a website and leave flirty messages to another woman. I mean have a little respect for your wife. I know you might think they did it in fun but not the way the messages read, they meant it. I just feel bad for their wives and how embarrassed they must be. Pigs. I know my husband would never do that. He would never do anything intentionally to hurt me or embarrass me like that.

So would I have been as irritated at the toddler and the mother if I hadn't already been irritated? Probably not. Do I think the husbands were insensitive only because I know both of them personally? Yes. But I will just go about my business and thank God my husband isn't like that.

Today has been a much better day for me. I haven't been irritated at all. I like days like today better. I hope your having a good one too.

Have a blessed day!


~*Lisa*~ said...

Both of my girls were never like that at all however my son is a whole new story. He screams for no reason, we take him out to calm him he is calm when we come back and a few min later he is screaming again. I hate how I feel when we go out because I can feel people staring holes right through me. My stomache starts to turn, my face gets fire hot, I loose my appetite and becomed panick that I always annoying someone who does not have children. I say I wished the people looking at me realized we have not been out to eat in a very long time because of this and this is our test run and yes he failed again. I always try when I see a mother dealing with a child who is just unconsoleable to remember how I feel when my child is acting the same way. So if you ever see me out please don't burn holes through me. Just look at me with sympathy and say "you poor thing"! ha ha ha Just wanted to give you one Mother's prospective because sadly enough I AM THAT MOMMA! ha ha Blessings!

~*Lisa*~ said...

Absolutely Not I am totally NOT offended. I understand the frustration. I just wanted you to know SOME of us are feeling the frustration even more than the on looker! ;) You are so precious and so glad to read your blog. They are always great! :) Have a blessed weekend!

Oh Lord have mercy there were more than a million times I wanted to give up but God is greater than my doubt! hee hee Blessings!

Cracker Scraps said...

My nerves aren't what they used to be but even so, at a family restaurant like Cracker Barrell this child should have at least been taken outside to calm down! I'm not saying she should have been spanked or anything except the little girl should have been removed from the public dining area out of courtesy. I feel for the parents of these kids! I've been there done that and worn out the tee shirt! It's so nice when your children grow up as my grown daughter and I were having dinner at Chili's one night and it turned out to be "meet the teacher" night in our little town. I asked my daughter if she minded waiting for the food to arrive so that we could be served in the bar! Much quieter in the bar! Good conversations with my dear grown daughter!