Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Bedroom Tales

Hello Everyone,

Hubby and I usually go to bed about the same time. On occasion I may saunter into the bedroom around 10 or 11. If hubby is already asleep he grumbles "I knew you'd come in here after I fell asleep". Well excuuusse me! Can't disturb Mr. Van Winkle now can we?

So the other night I am sauntering into my bedroom. I make it to my side of the bed when suddenly my husband jumps up on his knees. He has his arms out stretched in front of him with his fingers spread apart. There are no lights on, even the tv has went to that black screen with 'push any remote key to resume' or something like that. I am standing at the foot of the bed on my side. He is facing me.

He then lets out this sound that is best described as a zombie screech. When I look at his face all I can see are black spots for eye sockets and a black hole for his mouth. I jump back and start screaming. He continues to do this awful sound. I am screaming Larry it's me, it's me! It seems like an eternity before he stops I am screaming the whole time. He then lays back down. I am literally shaking.

I stand there so that I can get myself together for a minute. I then get into the bed at which time he rolls over and saids it's about time. I am like you just scared the bowel movement out of me! (not in those exact words) He responds, "I did what?"

After relating to him what he had done his response is "no I didn't". Okay I am making this up because? His interest then switches. "Where's the baby?" (meaning our Chihuahua Chico) Our baby follows me everywhere. "I don't know he was right behind me before you started your zombie impersonation."

Hubby gets up, goes into the living room and sitting there on his blankie is my poor baby. Hubby said he tried to run when he seen him. lol He carries our baby into the bedroom and I want to tell you he is literally trembling. It took us about 15 minutes to calm him down.

So at a time my doggie is suppose to protect me he races out of the bedroom at the speed of a Greyhound. Chico doesn't want to have anything to do with hubby. While I am holding him and trying to calm him down hubby saids "now what did I do?". Til this day he doesn't have any memory of what he did. Needless to say I dreamt of zombies the whole night.

Now did my post title make you think that I was going to relate to you some romantic steamy tale of lovemaking? Puhlease, we are Grandparents. lol

Your Merry Christmas may depend on what others do for you. But your Happy New Year depends on what you do for others.

Have a blessed day!

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Tea Time With Melody said...

LOL THAT was too funny. I couldn't stop laughing all the way through. That is one for the scrap books!