Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Insurance and ATM Problems

Hello Everyone,

On Thursday of last week I went to get my prescriptions. Well I always have a problem with my prescriptions the first of the year. Ever since hubby's employer switch from BC/BS Alabama to BC/BS Georgia we have had problems in January. It has to do with the deductable. So after paying my $300 (ouch!) deductible I go to leave.

Now I get my medicine downtown so I park parallel in the street. They give you plenty of parking room. So that is why I just don't understand why people get right on your bumper. Not even in their own space. I had to literally back up, go forward back up, go forward about 50 times before I could get out of that space. A big headache!

Later that night my diabetic meter starts messing up. I can still use it but I was having to hold it in an awkward position. So I call the number on the back and they're sending me a new one. Should get it by tomorrow. Well it didn't come on Friday, it came Monday. So all weekend I was having to fumble with the old one. The new one is nice and I like it, not as bulky. They replaced my test strips that I had for my old one and sent new ones too. But they only sent 10 lancets. My old lancets won't fit. Sigh.

So on Monday I call where I get my diabetic supplies and tell them I have a new meter and that I needed new lancets. The lady then proceeds to tell me that because of my error in filling out the paper work for them, that my insurance isn't going to be paying for 03/07 and 12/07 claims. But they have paid for every thing else. Can I call them and straighten this out.

I call the insurance company. They did deny the claim because there is a deadline of one year and they didn't file the claim until this month. Soooo I call the lady back.

Me: They're not paying it because you filed it too late.

Lady: That happened because you put BC/BS as your secondary insurance on your paperwork.

Me: No I didn't.

So she tells me to hold while she goes and gets my paperwork (I filled them out in 2005).

Lady: Well, I don't know what's happened. You do have BC/BS as your primary.

Thank you very much. After several more minutes of talking she still wants me to call the insurance and tell them they accidently filed it with my secondary insurance first. I told her that I have already called them and gave her the number so she could call herself. I ask her if I could return the unopened boxes of lancets and control solutions.

Lady: No, they've probably expired.

Me: No not until 12/09.

Lady: Well we don't accept returns.

Me: Ok I'll just try to find someone to give them too.

Lady: Well you can't do that.

Now I don't understand why in the world they won't take them back but don't want me to give them to anyone. I think someone could use them so that's exactly what I am going to do. Anyway that wraps up my insurance ordeal.

So also on Friday I am walking out the door to go have lunch. My bank calls me and informs me that my ATM card has been compromised. Now I use my ATM card ALL OF THE TIME. I never carry cash on me and I just find it more convenient. So she tells me they are ordering me another one and that I shouldn't use my old one. Great. I'm going to lunch.

I go and have lunch with my sisters and forget all about my card not working. So when the check comes I am like dang it! Luckily I had a ten stashed in my wallet that I had forgot about and my sisters spotted me $2.00.

I kept meaning to go to the bank on Friday to get some cash since I wouldn't have my card. Never made it. Just kept slipping my mind. So I thought I'd go on Saturday. Never made it. Luckily where I did go I was able to write checks. It's been a while since I've done that. I also hadn't realized how many stores uses the EFT for checks now. Good thing money's in the back but I think I'm gonna start carrying a $20 or someting on me.

Well I better get back to work I have W2's and 1099's going out today. Isn't that so much fun?

Have a blessed day!


Melissa Wertz said...

We have BC&BS of Ga. DH's co just switched to them the first of 08. We have a choice of a PPO or an HSA. DH wanted to try the HSA for a year. This year we are on PPO. Still all this extra paper work. BC&BS of GA somehow got my birthdate wrong or switched up in their system. I had to go to a doc in the box one late Fri and they refused my ins b/c BC&BS did not recognized me as one of their people.... Had to pull teeth to get that straighten out.

Now they keep sending us stuff about our retirement insurance.... sigh. We are not retired. We have no secondary insurance... etc.

I wonder if an employee goes into files and changes information when they are bored...

Honey Mommy said...

Aren't insurance companies great?

Sounds like you had quite the day.

imbeingheldhostage said...

oooh, we had some huge issues here with people getting fraudulent charges on their debit cards. Experts say (no really) that those of us who use debit cards (because we're financially responsible) should STOP. Use cash or credit only because the credit card is covered if something bad happens, but a debit card, not so much so.
Hope it all gets straightened out for you!

Maricris said...

Insurance you just gotta love it! ugh! I hope everything gets straightened out.

Momisodes said...

I hate having to deal insurance. There is just so much red tape.
Sorry to hear about your debit card, too. I'm like you, I rarely carry cash. I need to start stashing at least a $20 in my wallet at all times.

lisaschaos said...

Don't even get me started on insurance companies. They bite. :( Glad you got a new meter though, that's pretty important. :)

Rebecca said...

Thanks for stopping by on Monday!

I work in medical billing and know how much of a hassle it can be. If something is ever our fault and a claim is denied because of timely filing, then we don't make the patient responsible, because that is the right thing to do. I hope it all works out! The only advise I can offer is to keep calling and stay on them!!!

Great Blog BTW!

tam said...

Awww you poolr girl Valerie! I dispise those kinds of headaches! I hope you Thursday will be better!~Smiles~Tam!