Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day and More

Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone had a great weekend and a great Valentines Day. I was meaning to post this weekend but it is so hard to log on when we are with Ray or other family members.

Last Thursday the 12th was my youngest sisters' birthday. We celebrated by going to Styx for dinner. I LOVE Styx. Well I LOVE Fried Rice. My own Fried Rice is delicious but I like Ginger Dressing with mine and well my dressing just doesn't taste as good as Styxs' does.

Today I took her to lunch at Cracker Barrel. On our birthdays we always take each other to lunch and the birthday girl gets to pick what restaurant. My nephew joined us today since school was out. Now since we go to lunch everyday you might not think that it is a treat but it is because the birthday girl doesn't have to pay lol. It was also the same sister's 22nd year anniversary on Valentine's Day so Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentine's Day Helen!

Friday I had to take hubby to the doctor. He has been battling the crud for literally weeks now. I have been pushing him to go. He went to the doc in the box a week ago Sunday but he is still having drainage, coughing, sneezing, aching and so on. His regular doctor gave him some pills and I wish I could say he's feeling better today but he's been in bed all day and has been "sick" a couple of times. I hope he gets better soon because he is really starting to wear on my nerves. I know that is ugly but it's the truth. Please say a little prayer that he gets to feeling better soon.

Saturday we got our little man and once again had a blast with him. I know I have said it a thousand times but this little guy just amazes me. He is so smart. His vocabulary is getting bigger and bigger and he is now beginning to know his numbers. I got him an easel for Christmas and he will arrange and play with the letters and numbers. He will run from my refrigerator and his easel back and forth with all the magnets. Larry also enjoys playing with Ray and he'll sit down next to the easel and play with the magnets with Ray.

Here is a little message my hubby left me the other day:

Now he does know that Grammy is spelled G-r-a-m-m-y but he couldn't find all of the letters. lol

So Saturday night we decided to stay in. Usually on Valentines we get take out from Outback. It is just usually so crowded on Valentines Day we just hate fighting the crowds. This Valentines Day though I decided to make our favorite meal. Steak, shrimp, baked potato, salad and toasted bread. It was delicious and we had a great time staying in and just enjoying each others company.

On Sunday Larry's mother came over for a visit and we played bowling on Wii. It was her first time to play. We also exchanged Christmas gifts. Yes we haven't had the chance to exchange them before now. After she left we settled in to watch Nascar's Daytona 500. We are so excited that the races are starting again. Larry and I bet on who is going to win. We usually get three choices. His is usually Mark Martin, Carl Edwards and Kevin Harvick. Those are his no matter what. Mine are Junior, Matt Kenseth and this year I get to go back to one of my other favorites Tony Stewart. He was driving a Toyota last year and since we are big Union people we just couldn't pull for him. I am so glad he is back in a Chevrolet this year. Matt Kenseth won so I am in the lead!!

Around 5:30 Summer, Josh and the baby came over for a short visit. We all enjoyed watching Ray play with his new toy I had got him and also had a little chocolate. They were having dinner with Josh's parents so they left after about an hour. I hate to see them go but the timing was perfect because I had to get ready for the Amazing Race to start. So glad that it is back on.

Well that was pretty much our weekend. It was nice and relaxing and we enjoyed visiting with our family. Oh here's a little picture of my little man enjoying his Valentine's Day candy. He is such a doll!

Have a blessed day!


sAm said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! The pic of your "little man" with chocolate face makes me wish I could abandon all and look JUST like that!! Too cute!

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Gosh, y'all stay busy! :o) Here's a prayer for your hubby. Hope he's better soon. You've gotta cute grandson. ♥ ∞

Yaya said...

Mmmm...that dinner sounds yummy!

Hope your hubby is feeling better.

Wow you had a lot of family time this weekend!

AndreaLeigh said...

it sounds like you had a good valentine's day. your menu sounds delish.

The Blonde Duck said...

You're busy! Whew! Just reading that made my head spin.

Tea Time With Melody said...

Sounds like you have been very busy. What happening with your nephew. Any new news?