Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I Am Obsessed!

Hello Everyone,

There are a few things in life that captures our attention. Things that we just can't get enough of or can't live without. This is called an obsession.

When I was younger I actually had an obsession for the perfume Obsession. My grandmother bought me a pretty big bottle in my late twenties. I still have it. It is half way full now but I still have it. I only use it on very special occasions. I love it. But it is no longer my obsession.

I am not big on appearances. A pair of jeans, a shirt and a brush through my hair, that's me. It's not that I don't care what I look like, I always look presentable. I just feel like I have better things to do than primp all day in front of the mirror. Now I don't think any thing is wrong if you do that, I know a lot of people who do and they look beautiful all the time. That's just not me. Sometimes I wish it were but it's not.

Now after saying that I never, never leave my house without at least foundation on. I do this because I don't want to look that bad when I go out. It takes me maybe 5 - 10 minutes to do my makeup. I put on moisturizer, concealer, foundation and lipstick. That is my daily routine. Nothing else. Now if I am going out for the evening then I use blush, mascara, rarely eye shadow.

So what does this have to do with obsession? The obsession I have had for at lease the last 5 years now has been Bare Escentuals makeup. Have you heard of it? Have you tried it? Let me tell you that if you haven't tried it you need to. You will love it and you will use it from now on.

This is my moisturizer I use every day.

I was running low around Christmas and this is the one thing I asked for, and I got it. lol It is their bareVitamins, Skin rev-er upper. It is great!

Now for someone that just wears concealer, foundation and lipstick this is some of my collection. Do you see the brushes? There are 9 shown in the picture, I have a few more in the bath room. I use two of them regular.

See all of the little black canister's? Those are blush, eye shadow, concealer, foundation, mineral veil, warmth, bisque and lip stick. I'm in makeup heaven.

Another view. I just love looking at them. So now click on over to Bare Escentuals and buy something. I promise you won't regret it. I have no affiliation with them I just think your going to love it. Every woman in my family has tried it and they all love it and use it. You will to.

So what is your obsession? Shoes, clothes, jewelry, purses? I would love to know. By the way I do have one other obsession but you already have heard so much about my grandson. lol

Have a blessed day!


Rosie said...

I have that same moiturizer. It's great. I also have the set with the actual diamonds in it. Every quarter I will be receiving a new set for that season. I also have the Raw Minerals powder.

The Blonde Duck said...

I don't wear much makeup b/c it's so hot here. My skin is super oily and I'm prone to acne, so make up makes me break out, esp. in the summer.

I'm obsessed with sundresses that twirl.

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

I can't wear that much makeup because of the heat and humidity in the southeast. Plus, I have blackheads like a teenager (I'm 52). So, I stay 'naked' most of the time except for waterproof mascara, lipstick and a little eyebrow pencil. But I'm tan all year round so it's easy to get away with this. :o)

Charmaine said...

I've never used this makeup, but I have used other mineral powders and I like them too, but I try not to wear foundation unless I'm having a breakout. But I never leave the house without mascara. I look like I just woke-up without it. I have mascara in my purse in case I ever have to leave in a hurry. Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog and welcoming me to SITS!

Rocksee said...

I love bare essentials.. it's done good things for my skin.. now all I really wear is some moisterizer and a dash of warmth.. I look like a rockstar!

The Southern Housewife said...

LOVE B.E!!! I'm almost out of my powder foundation and am thinking of trying out philosophys version. I heard it was way better than BE. Hmmmm I'll let you know!

Kelly Deneen said...

I want more makeup and brushes! Fun! I do put on make-up everyday, but I keep it to a minimum. I have not found any that I love though.

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today!