Friday, April 17, 2009

Photo Story Friday - WICKED!!

Hello Everyone,

PhotoStory Friday
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So today for Photostory Friday I am posting a picture of me and my daughter from last night. We went to see:

Here we are after the show. My daughter and I have always loved the theatre. We go every time there is a show in town that we want to see. When I heard WICKED was coming I about died! I have been wanting to see if for quite a while. I absolutely was NOT disappointed. It was absolutely spectacularly amazing!!!

Here we are after the show. Once again it was wonderful. If you get the chance go see it!! You will not regret it.

I just can't tell you how much we love theater. I have even had the opportunity to see both my daughter and my nephew on stage. They both have a love for the theater and both in high school and college my daughter was able to land quite a few roles. My nephew did in high school and he even received a Thespian award for his portrayal in Music Man while he was in high school.

My daughter, sister and I always enjoy ourselves when we go and it is always fun. We are looking forward to 101 Dalmations, Wizard of Oz and GREASE!!!

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Mighty M said...

I LOVE musicals! I pretty much have Wicked memorized even though I have yet to see it! I have really slowed down on my attendance since having kids, but hope to get back into it soon!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I love love love the theater!!! We are so blessed here in Rochester, NY to have two amazing theaters that get off-broadway shows! And my parents have season tickets but are always traveling so they always give us tickets for free! I've even gotten Josh into the theater. Wicked was our absolute favorite, by far. Well, Legally Blond holds a close second! But Wicked was awesome. We saw it a year ago and right when it was over we said 'I wanna see that again!'...not that we had the money to see it again, but we totally would if we could! Rent is coming here in a few weeks...that reminds me I wanted to look up tickets for it. Josh has never seen it.
I did plays growing up and it was always such an amazing experience. And I just love going "out" to the theater. I always feels so cultured! And then Josh and I will go to this chic dessert place after! Love it!

Wayne said...

me and my Jenn went to the thearter to see the musical bye bye birdie and I loved it.

Im glad you and your daughter had a awsome time

great photo friday

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Sounds like a great girls night.