Saturday, May 09, 2009

Blog Swap

Hello Everyone,

I participated in a blog swap that Kati over at Country Girl, City Life hosted. My swap partner was Kelley over at The Lawrences. Well - I got my package! Look at all the great stuff that was in it.

View #1

View #2

I got so many neat things. See:

Razzles - yum yum
Ultra Menthol Lip Shine
Albuq Cookies (these are just so delicious that they
got a double Yummy from my grandson!)
Heart of the Desert Pistachios
Family sign (Love it!)
Lavender Bath Salts
A Wish Token
Magnet List Pad (ok you can NEVER have enough of these)
Pecos Peppermint Soap
and the book
Captivating by John & Staci Eldredge
(can't wait to get into this!)

Ok first off I don't eat nuts. Any kind of nuts, I have never liked them. So when I seen the Pistachios I thought good, something Larry will like. Then I noticed that they were Red Chili flavored. So anyone that knows me knows that I love all things spicy. So I thought well I probably won't like them but I'm gonna try one. So I did. I just want everyone to know that I am now a Pistachio eater. Seriously they were so good (notice I typed 'were'). Now my husband has tried to get me to eat pecans, walnuts, cashews and I never have liked any of them. So Kelley you have accomplished something that in 16 years my husband has failed at!

Now the Albuq Cookie's are so delicious. As I typed above my grandson took a bite of one and his exact words were "Mmmmm, yummy, yummy". A DOUBLE Yummy people!! And they are!

She even sent me a Mother's Day card, even though I found her card in my purse AFTER I sent her package. I am so glad that I got Kelley as a swap partner. She is a wonderful young lady and if you get the chance hop over and say hello! Well, until next time

Have a blessed day!


Kelley said...

you are too kind! I'm so glad you liked everything! And everything is better with chile on it! I also loved your you could see from my picture, Max loved his part of it! Thanks for being so sweet! I hope you have a great week!

pam said...

That is so funny about the pistachios. Great swap package.

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Great gifts!!! I love the Razzles, those are so yummy!!! I'm glad you decided to try the pistachio's!!