Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Sprinkle Baby Shower

Hello Everyone,

Well the time is approaching fast! My daughter is having her baby shower on August 15th. It is a Sprinkle Baby Shower since it is her second baby. We are only sprinkling her with the necessities because she already has all the big stuff. Well I do need to find a reasonable side-by-side double stroller. The one she picked out costs $714.00 – you just have to know my daughter.

Here are a couple of pics from her last baby shower that I posted here.

This is the diaper cake I made – my first one! I was really proud of it.

This is the baby sock bouquet I made and the corsage I bought.

This is the baby wreath I made – my first one again!

So it hasn’t been that long since I have been to a baby shower but I was wondering have any of you been to one lately? I am looking for some fresh food ideas, favors and you know just stuff like that. I’ll be meeting with the other 5-6 people who are helping with the shower this week so I wanted to do some things a little different than her first one. Oh and look I get another one of these in a little over a month!


Have a blessed day!!


Midwest Mommy said...

Wow $714? That's alot, lol. For that it better change my kid's diaper too, lol

~Sandy~ said...

You did a great job!!!!! You are very crafty talented:) I may have to get some ideas from you when it's time for my daughters shower:)

Angie said...

Those were great.. please share how you made them. They look like great gift ideas.


Whitney said...

Awesome job! I haven't been to a baby shower lately, but I've been invited to one next month. Although, I guess that doesn't help you!


Oh! I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog--come check it out!

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

What beautiful gifts.... Are you sure it was your first time making those? You're like a pro!

Momma Such said...

Your grandaughter is so cute! She looks a little ornery..hehe! I have a Joovy sit and stand stroller. It was only a couple hundred dollars and my kids absolutely love it! My older can hop on and off as he pleases (if I don't buckle him) and he loves that! It's very lightweight and easy to push as well. I have a picture on my blog of my children in it. :) Oh and you did a great job on all of the lovely things you made for the shower! :)

Anonymous said...

Can never go wrong with a diaper cake!

Laufa said...

I was just looking at Baby-R-Us and stumbled across their multiple strollers - all under $600. I think I might borrow your diaper cake for a shower I am going to this weekend - thanks!

Mighty M said...

Fun - I love the "sprinkle" idea for a second baby, I'd never heard that before!!

Carla said...