Saturday, October 10, 2009

Busy Blessed Days

Hello Everyone,

Life in the last two months have been so hectic. My days are filled with Beth Moore, Dave Ramsey, work and my grandsons. When I think I am going to have a little free time something pops up. I am blessed!

Our Bible study started at church and I am LOVING it!! We are studying Beth Moore's The Patriarchs. My mornings are spent doing my homework, it is such a blessing. It is just amazing the things the LORD will show you when you are studying His word. I am also participating in another class at church, Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. I wasn't to sure I wanted to do it but felt like it would be interesting. I had heard of Dave Ramsey but never really listened to him. I am enjoying the class though.

The other night the Chocolate Connection (that is what we ladies call our ministry at church) had a Bunko game. It was set up to just see how many would want to participate and when. No prizes at this one. We had a lot of women show up and only three of us had ever played the game before. Let me just say that even though we didn't have any prizes we had a great time playing and I enjoyed the fellowship. Oh did I mention that I won!! Yes in all the years I have been playing Bunko I have never won first place until this time, when there wasn't a prize. lol

On the 16th we are celebrating my grandsons birthday. He will be 2. I just can't believe that he is already 2. Time just flies by and they grow up so fast. About a month ago my daughter was still recovering from having her baby so Ray's dad and Papa took him to get a haircut. Usually my daughter does this and Ray does fine with the lady that cuts his hair. Well his dad and his dad's dad took him to a different lady. This was the result:

His mom almost cried when she first seen him. The back is really gapped up too. So needless to say mom is going to be in charge of hair cuts from now on. lol

Like all parents when they brought home this beautiful bundle of joy:

They were concerned how Ray would react to having another child in the home. When Bruce was first born Ray kept saying "No, no". He would only look at him when no one was watching. Well I had the great job of keeping Ray while mom and dad were at the hospital. So I would take him to visit. The day after he was born I said "Ray little brother needs a kiss" the picture on the right of my sidebar was the result. Ever since then he can't get enough of his little brother. He is always wanting to kiss him and asks to hold him. See?

We are just so blessed!!

This is how I have been spending my Saturdays, with my wonderful grandsons. Both of our husbands are working on Saturday so my DD and I spend the day together. I use to just get Ray by his self but since the baby is still nursing mom is tagging along. lol Just kidding, I am enjoying spending more time with her too.

Last year, during football games, Ray's screams for Alabama were limited to 'touchdown' and 'Alabama'. Well this year he has added 'Roll Tide Roll'. Makes a Grammy proud!!!! ROLL TIDE!!!!

Have a blessed day!



Angie said...

how sweet is that -that you get to spend every Saturday with your daughter and grandchildren. My mother lives VERY far away so I get to see her on occassion. How I wish she was as close as you all are!

Be blessed!

Theta Mom said...

How sweet is that?! Awesome! Found you from SITS, Happy Saturday Sharefest!

Helen said...

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

And thanks so much for coming by my blog. I guess I just felt soggy and grumpy yesterday :)

They also had a tornado watch for middle Tennessee yesterday. Scary. I totally understand your need for there NOT to be tornados!!

Have a great weekend, and I'll be sure to stop by again!

Anonymous said...


Love his bangs...hahahaha!

I've never played bunko but my boss and the ladies in her neighborhood play every month together and she loves it. Love the name of your group!

♥georgie♥ said...

Val-you are indeed so very Blessed
Look at those precious faces!
I did not giggle at the haircut b/c I can relate or anything ;-)

I have a SSS post up hope you will stop by when you can

Mighty M said...

Cute pictures! Hannah will be 4 on the 18th! Bunco is so fun! I play once a month with some other moms in the neighborhood.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Nothing comes before grandsons FUN and love every minute of it....They spend the night a couple of nights a week and I am so blessed to see them daily....God is good....

blueviolet said...

Your grandsons are just darling!

I've heard a lot about Bunco and how much fun it is but I've never played it. Yay you for winning!

jennifer said...

Roll Tide Valerie. Spending time with your family - especially a grandson who can say those magic words!

Have a wonderful week!

Anonymous said...