Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Freaky Friday And A Friend!

Did y'all survive Daylight Savings Time? I do not think that I have. I am still sooooo tired!!! I could fall asleep right here right now! It's not that I have not been sleeping well at night, because I have. I am just tired!!!

So I wanted to tell you about my Friday. Last Friday. I woke up excited because I was going to meet a high school friend. I haven't seen her in about 18 years so I was really excited!!! I was going to go ahead and take the rest of the day off after our lunch. Well that didn't happen...

When I first got to work on Friday I did not have any power to any of my electronics. Nothing was working. Even the phones weren't working. Now my boss had been there a while and just so you know how alert he is, he had no idea that the phone wasn't working.

It wasn't too long before I found the source of my problem. We have a backup power box, for those that don't know what that is, it is an uninterrupt power supply. You plug your electronics into it and when the power goes off it stays on and gives you time to save your work and shut down your computer. Well apparently it died. What is funny is that all week last week my office had a smell so bad that I had to keep the windows open just to stay in here and work. It smelled like sewer or a dead something. So now I think it might have been the box dying.

After hunting and finding two power strips I was able to get everything plugged in and working. I had barely settled down to get my daily work started (finally). When the next surprise for the day showed up....

An IRS agent! Yeap right there in my office. Wanting to see my boss. I had always told him if they showed up I was walking out the door. I know how intense an IRS audit can be but that has never bothered me. It is the fact that some of the advice and actions that my boss has got has not been good. Although I have told him that it was bad advice I have been ignored. I am not an accountant, I do not have an accounting degree and I am not a CPA. But I have worked enough to know what you can do and what you can't. I have also taken accounting classes while in college. But I guess if you don't have that degree in that area some people will not listen to you. Although I didn't say I told you so, I was not surprised when he was talking to the agent and she kept telling him over and over and over again that he had been misled. When really from the time his "accountant" told him certain things he could do, I was right there telling him he couldn't do it. So it's not like he really didn't know that it wasn't right, he just chose not to believe me.

The next 3 hours was spent running back and forth from his office to mine and printing stuff off for her. Then running and pulling items from files and making copies. I was so ready for 1 p.m. to get there. When I noticed that it was 12:20 I just simply told her that I had an appointment at 1. She jotted down a long list of items she would need and left. I must say that she was a very nice person.

So finally I could leave to go to lunch! Since I had spent mostly the whole day on other stuff, I did not have the chance to get my daily items out of the way like I had planned. That meant that I could not take the rest of the day off. But I was still going to get to see Lee Ann for lunch!!!

This is my beautiful friend Lee Ann! In high school I always thought she had it all together. She just looked so chic to me (ALWAYS), something I am not and never will be!!! lol I thought she was so talented because I remember that she could sing but if I am not mistaken I think that she even danced. Pretty sure of it. Just so you know, I can't do either one!! I think it was our senior year when we were both aides for the office. We would also run the concession stand after school. I remember that we just had so much fun! 

Ok back to current time, Lee Ann has a very interesting life. She had just left a photo shoot that morning! She has her own blog My Birmingham, she also writes for B Metro. She has just recently started Glamour Survival Guides. Hop on over and check them out. I think she has a little something for everyone!

So I met Lee Ann and I want all of you to know that I just had the best time!! She had made the comment that she felt like it hadn't been 18 years since we've seen each other and I didn't either. We spent quite a while at lunch - mostly chatting not eating. Catching up was fun and finding out things about people we went to school with. Some I hadn't heard from or seen and some she hadn't. We have a friend who works for the Mayor so we thought we would go pay her a visit. She unfortunately wasn't in but I know she would've been so excited to have seen Lee Ann. Not me so much as we see each other quite often. lol After a little walk around the "old" square I had to leave to go back to work. It is such a wonderful feeling to know that even though you haven't seen someone for so long that we still felt like such good friends. I have the same feelings for her that I did in school and am just so blessed to know that I have such good friends! I love ya Lee Ann!!!! Let's not wait so long next time!!!

So my Friday started out a little freaky, moved on to be a little intense, then ended with great feelings of friendship and love!! How wonderful!!!

Have a blessed day!



Marie said...

That's so sweet that you and Lee Ann picked up right where you left off.

Mighty M said...

What an interesting day, indeed. But I am glad it ended so well! I will go and check out her stuff!! :)

♥Georgie♥ said...

Val...i so did not survive daylight savings time LOL BUT I like the fact it stays lighter later...lovely post

sanjeet said...

So glad you didn't get hit! Cute pics of the kiddos!
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