Sunday, May 07, 2006

Harley's and toilets (can I say those two words together?)

Hello Everyone

Hope everyone is doing ok. Well, Larry left for work and so I thought I would post a little. He is working night shift now on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. He is off the rest of the week and spends that time riding. For those of you who don't know he's got a new Harley.

Bikes have pretty much been a part of both of our lives. I remember riding a mini-bike and crashing it at my aunt's house in Bakersfield, California when I was younger. My next experience is riding in San Bernardino with our neighbor who had a dirt bike. I have a scar to show for this experience as I burnt my left calf on his exhaust pipe, I remember how painful that was. I rode and crashed on a moped also in Alabama. My dad and my mom's cousins had motorcycles that they use to ride here in Alabama when I was a teen, my mom's cousin still has his. Then there was my brother Ray who had a motorcross motorcycle.

My first time on a Harley was when I was 19. Summer's dad had one and we use to ride it a pretty good bit. I enjoyed the rides and loved the Harley. So needless to say my daughter has always loved them as well.

When I met Larry he had sold his Harley and all I ever heard was how he wanted another one. Larry has been riding all his life. He raced motorcross bikes when he was young and we have several trophies from his placing or winning. So when his uncle bought one he kept coming over and asking when Larry was going to get another one. Larry called me at work one day and said "I want a Harley" and I said "well go get one." Needless to say there was one in my driveway that night. All we have to do is get what he calls a bitch seat for me and I am also going to take lessons to drive one myself. Even though it's summer we don't have to worry about buying leather cause he's already got them. So he's basically set.

Oh here's a picture of our baby in his Harley shirt he got for Christmas. Isn't he adorable?

Since Larry had sold his last bike he has remained friends with all his old riding buddies. So when they found out he had another one we have had someone here almost everyday. They come at all times, night, early morning and afternoon. So on his days off he has been riding.

Which means he hasn't done the yard, he bought a new riding lawn mower about three weeks ago, but he's only used it twice. For some reason he decided to cut down all the shrubs in front of the house, I thought he was going to trim them. At any rate, he has left them just laying in front of the house and it is bothering me. We also put a new toilet and bathroom floor in and all of that is laying out in front of the house as well. The toilet was on the porch until I moved it next to the bushes, I hated it being on the porch.

Speaking of the toilet my smart husband and his uncle bought a handicap toilet. Ok. It is higher than a regular toilet. Which is somewhat uncomfortable, my toes are the only thing that touches the ground. Summer came over and said she loved it, of course, she is long legged and her feet can touch the ground. My sister said at least when were old we won't have too far to sit down. It really is funny, I guess.

Well that's all I have for now. I'll post later.

Have a blessed day!



Federico Perazzoni said...

Very nice dog....


Valerie said...

Thanks we adore him. He is a part of our family now, like a kid. Thanks for reading and come back.