Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Justice for All

Hey Everyone,

Well I heard this weekend that Bill McGuirk was in the St. Clair County jail. Hooray!!! See about two years ago we needed a new roof and since Bill does this for a living Larry decided to call him and have him do it. Larry and Bill have been friends since they were about 4 years old, well Bill ripped us off of $1,760.00. I wanted to press charges but Larry said just let it go, he is better about these things as I like to get even or get revenge. I know you aren't suppose to pay people to do work before they do it but we had given him a check for the material. Once he got the material he was going to work on our roof. Well he came out to work on our roof put a big hole in our middle bedroom, said he had to go to Lowes and would be right back and we never saw him again. After trying to get in touch with him we finally called his father, his sister answered. She said she told Bill not to screw us because Larry was their friend. Well that pissed me off even more. His wife, father, mother, and sister all knew that he did this on a regular basis and never bothered to call to tell Larry. But they consider Larry a friend? So he's presently in jail for Receiving Stolen Property. I hope they put him under the jail. I am going to try to talk Larry into pressing charges against him. Wish me luck.

On a better note two of Fultondale's colorguard tried out and made colorguard at the University of Alabama!! Yeah! Every girl that has tried out for colorguard in college has made it, and Laura is the captain at Alabama. I think that is because of the good teachers they had in Terry and Brian. Reanna has not done colorguard in two years but she still made the team. All the hard work and long practices that they made them do made them the best. Did I mention that the winterguard won two SEC championships? This year the winterguard came in 3rd. So this is something Fultondale really needs to be proud of. In 2001 Jim Lowery made May 23rd Estetica day in honor of the winterguard, it was a proud day for our colorguard. So congrats to Reanna and Kalyn.

Well I better go it's getting ugly outside and I think I'm going to leave early today. Everyone be safe driving in the rain today.

Have a blessed day!


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