Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Identity Theft

Hello Everyone,

Well, finally a chance to get caught up. I have been wanting to post a few things but really now can't remember any of it except my ordeal with the IRS and the Social Security administration.

It seems that this male, Leonardo Hernandez Perez, has been using my social security number for employment purposes. I got a letter from the IRS explaining that we owe them $2600 for our 2004 income tax return because we had failed to report the $18,000.00 that I had made in New York and South Carolina. What? So after investigating this on my own because they wouldn't release any information to me. I was able to contact one of these companies who hired this man and she said that indeed he had a social security card that she made a copy of with my number but his name. As most of you know my maiden name is Perez. So I guess maybe they got a copy of it and scratched off the rest of my name and then just typed his in.

Well the IRS and SS are so slow in doing anything about anything. So I call the Federal Trade Commission because I had read somewhere that that is what you do. I reported the incident they informed me that I needed to contact all three of the credit reporting agencies to protect my credit. So now I have a fraud alert on my credit file. Which he hasn't attempted to get anything using my credit and I am glad because everything I apply for I get and I wouldn't want him to get anything that I might have to pay for. So then they told me to get a police report. So off I go to the Fultondale police department. Got that handled. So now all I have to do is write letters to the IRS and SS to explain to them everything that has happened.

Now all this took place in September. Three letters later to each of the above agencies and still I haven't heard anything. So I get another notice to pay the taxes. So I call them again, and write another letter. Hopefully I will be hearing something soon. So my adivce to everyone out there is to every year request a income statement from SS and they will send you one with all the wages that's been reported on your social security number for that year. Why it took the IRS two years to notify me I don't know. Like I said they take forever to do anything. What really bothers me is that they haven't even acknowledged any of my letters. So that's what I have been busy doing.

On to better things, I have over 1,300 karoke songs and I love singing them. Larry and I have always played games, (scrabble, scattergories, backgammon, chess, racing each other with playstation, etc.) so for the past two years we have added karaoke. I have always liked to sing and Larry, about two years ago, bought me this real nice karaoke machine from the Karaoke Store, though I thought it was too expensive just for home use, I have really enjoyed it. We have toted it to parties, relatives house, friends' houses we have just had so much fun with it. Now don't misunderstand me I said I like to sing, I didn't say I could. In fact, I can't, I am totally tone deaf but it's something I really enjoy. I always wait til everyone is really drunk before I sing anything, since I never drink I'm usually the only one that remembers anything. lol However, at home, I sing all the time. I have some really great songs by some of my favorite artists, like the Eagles', Dr. Hook, Elvis, Montrose, Ozzy, a lot of country. At any rate, we always have a lot of fun singing to each other.

Well I better go and get back to work, my desk is a mess. I'll try to post later in the week.

Have a blessed day!


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