Monday, January 08, 2007

Poem post

Hello Everyone,

Just going to post one of my favorite poems. Here it is:

Love & Hate

If LOVE is a dream,
then I hope not to wake.
If LOVE is confusion,
then let my mind shake.
If LOVE is the sun,
then let it burn on.
And if LOVE is a God,
let him rule long.
If LOVE is a fairy tale,
do let me see.
And if LOVE is a person,
please let it be me.
If HATE is a fire,
then give me a pool.
If HATE is a trick,
then I hope I'll out fool.
If HATE is a rhythm,
then I'll break the beat.
And if HATE is a hunger,
I just won't eat.
If HATE is a story,
I'll close the book.
And if HATE is a vision,
I just won't look.
If HATE is a power,
I'm stronger than he.
And if HATE is a person,
I pray it isn't me.

Author unknown

Have a blessed day!


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