Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Birthdays, pageants and family relations

Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone has been doing ok. We have all been doing good. It's been a little busy. We have a few birthdays in February. So happy birthday to Helen, Anthony, Paul and Grandma. I know my grandma has passed away but it's still her birthday.

Larissa was in her first pageant at Bragg Middle School. She was so pretty. She didn't place, why I don't know, but for it being her first pageant she did good. If you know Larissa you know that it was quite a feat for her to even get on the stage, she is extremely shy. We were all surprised and happy that she wanted to be in the pageant. Here are pics of her, in her dress and then a close up after she has her makeup on.

Isn't she beautiful?

She saids she wants to be in it again next year so we'll be looking forward to that. Our family friend Ginger's daughter did win Miss Rudd here a couple of Friday's ago. I didn't get to go this time but my sister said that it was like the year Summer won Jr. Miss Lodestar, that as soon as she came out on stage you could tell she was going to win. So Summer gave lessons to Destiny a couple of years ago, I believe she came in 1st alternate that year, so Summer is taking the credit for her winning this year. lol

Larry and I are just puttering around the house and working mostly these days. He rides about every Sunday cold or not, since he's had to work every Saturday. I prefer not to ride when it's cold, can't afford to get really sick. We haven't really went anywhere since Larry's dad passed he just doesn't feel like socializing. Lately he has only went riding with his uncle mostly.

Summer has made contact with her half brother and sister and her cousins and one aunt from her father's side. She has been talking to one of her older cousins that remembered her from when they were little. She came right up and hugged her when she seen her and that made Summer feel really good. So she has talked to her sister on the phone and her brother through email. Hopefully they will be able to have a good relationship. Since she has talked to them she has heard from all of her cousins and one of her aunts. I don't mind her talking or interacting with any of her cousins or her brother and sister and I am glad that her aunt has reached out to her.

I am worried where her father is concerned. He just isn't the type of person I would want her to be around. He has never tried to even be decent to her and the one time she went up to talk to him he gave her two lines of the stupidest things to say to your sixteen year old daughter. "Your just something I had to get away from"; "I had to leave". Now how's that for the first thing to ever say to your daughter - her entire life? Not how are you, how have you been, we need to talk. Just those stupid two lines. I would have been so proud that my sixteen year old daughter was brave enough, mature enough and had enough courage to walk up to me and initiate contact with me. The only time she has ever seen him was when she was 6 years old in court but she had the nerve to approach him. People - this man is at this time 48 years old, he was 43 when she approached him and he acted like a silly boy. So I just don't want her to really have any kind of relationship with him, he is not worthy of being in the same state as her let alone in the same room.

So well that's more than I intended to write. Pray for Summer that she gets to have the relationship that she wants with her brother, sister and her cousins. Also pray that her father and grandfather don't try to sabotage or stop her relationship with them. This is something she has wanted for a very long time.

I hope everyone has a good weekend and I'll try not to wait so far in between posts.

Have a blessed day!


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shelley said...

hi valarie,
i'm stopping by from sits this am, i found this post interesting because i'm a pageant mama! my oldest who happens to be a rising senior at bama (roll tide)is a pageant queen, been there and done that for YEARS!! it is a rough road, especially in alabama where u guys start pageants with babes... but she is beautiful! and i am sure her inner beauty will shine through when it is should! i know of LOT of pageants if you are interested but your hs pageants are the best practice!! stop by and say "hi" anytime!! and yes one more time "rollll tide!" ;)