Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Dang it's been a while!

Hello Everyone,

I knew it had been a while but didn't realize it's been 4 months. Well, alot has happened in those 4 months. Let's see, we had a wonderful Easter I have lots of pics. We ended up playing softball, boys vs. girls, well us girls got our butts wiped. The babies, Keely & Stephen, were so cute when they were hunting for eggs. Larissa's birthday was on the 26th we had a barbecue up at her house. Summer turned 22 on May 2 but I was in Panama City for Thunder Beach. I did take her out to dinner and when we all got together to celebrate mothers day we had her a cake.

Yes I got her a Disney Princess cake. We had a great time. I will also be posting pics of Thunder Beach, with the exception of one day, we had a wonderful time. We wanted to go back in October but we have a special event happening then that I will tell you about later. Also in May we celebrated my Mom's (May 15) and Manuel's (May 31) birthday. May 13th is my nephew Steven's birthday. Yes I have two nephews named Steven my brother's son whose 15 and my sister named her son Stephen who's 3.

This brings us to June. Let's see my nephew Matt turned 17 on the 26th and my sister, Emily, turned 44 on the 30th. Seems like June was a little eventful too but I can't really remember what all went on.

This month we had a get together at my Aunt Patty's and Uncle Bill's house on the 4th of July, we all had a really good time. Good food, good company! The 12th brought some very exciting news for us. We had been teasing Summer about gaining weight and joking with her that she looked pregnant. Well, Summer went to the doctor on the 11th and found out she was. She finally went to the doctor because she had missed her friend, only this month, so she thougth she may be about a month prego or so and it turns out that she was almost 6 months pregnant. We were shocked. She had called to come over on the 11th but Larry and I were going to be busy and when they called Josh's parents they too were busy. So they couldn't tell anyone until we knew. So on the 12th Summer came over and told us. Well we couldn't believe it, she pulled out the sonogram and showed us his pictures. Yes I said his. She is having a baby boy on October 18th and she is naming it Ray, after my brother. Well I use to sing "You are my Sunshine" to Taush all the time so I guess I have to relearn the words now. We are so excited, here is his first picture.

When I found out about Ray on the 12th I was already meeting with my sisters for lunch so Summer and I broke the news to them. My mother was in Arkansas and we had to call and tell her over the phone. Everyone in the family is excited. After lunch we all went straight to Babies R Us and while we were there my other sister and three nieces joined us. We went around that store about three or four times. Larry and I are buying the nursery and that afternoon I bought her a baby book, a frame for the baby's sonogram and a few other things that I thought she needed. Oh we got a thingy that lets you play music to the baby and also you can hear the baby's heartbeat it is so neat. Larry cried when he first heard the baby's heartbeat and kept coming back to listen to it. Luckily the thing has two sets of head phones.

Although Summer and Josh were already planning their wedding, they decided that they would go ahead and have a small wedding right now and then a bigger one later on. They were married Friday, July 20th. So now we are planning on a baby shower for August 19th, ya'll will be getting invitations by next week.

Oh yeah almost forgot it was my birthday on the 16th of this month, I turned 43 years old and I bought me a new piano keyboard. It is as large as a piano and I have had to make a space bigger than my old keyboard use to take up. I love it and plan on playing here in the next few days or so. I haven't had time to with all the shopping and everything you have to do to plan and pull off a wedding in 5 days. Yes I said 5 days. But hey with the help of my sisters Helen and Angie who ran around with me to every store every night until our feet hurt we did it.

This month was also the twins' birthday they turned sweet 16. Here are a couple of pics from their party. We had such a good time.

Oh well thats all I can think of right now. Promise it won't be so long between posts. I hope everyone has a good week.

Have a blessed day!


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