Friday, October 31, 2008


Hello Everyone,

Halloween already. Time just seems to fly by so fast. My sister, Emily, had her halloween party on Sunday. We had a good time as usual. I took pictures but Summer grabbed up my camera when they left and the last two days I've been to her house I have forgotten to get it. As soon as I do I'll load pictures from the party.

I don't really like what Ray was for the party. It was the costume Summer bought him last year. Her and Josh love Halloween and they always have a theme for who they dress up as. Well since Ray was only going to be a couple of weeks old last year they decided he was going to be a lamb. Yeap a lamb. Summer was Bo Peep, Josh was the Wolf and Ray was going to be the lamb. They didn't go out last year because it was cold and Ray was just too little. So that's what they dressed up for the party this year. This was my weekend to have Ray and I tell you he did not like putting on that costume. lol They did look cute though. Of course Larry didn't like the idea of him being a lamb either.

I think tonight though he is going to be Superman. I have him from 4:30 - 6:30 then they are taking him to Josh's parents house. I think they might go by a couple of churches I'm really not sure.

That's about it for now I'm getting off work early today and I have a ton to get done. I've also decided to go back to my old blog address I like it better. I hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween.

Have a blessed day!


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