Friday, October 24, 2008

Ray's 1st Birthday!!

Hello Everyone,

Well Ray's 1st birthday party was GREAT! Ray was just adorable! Every one loved watching him play with his cousins, digging into his cake and opening his presents.

Here he is enjoying his cake:

He was so excited. He got so many gifts I'm not even sure what all he got. I got him the Smart Bounce and Spin Pony. Here's a picture of him opening a present (he got plenty of help from cousins, lol):

There are a lot more pictures on my myspace page if you want to go look at them. It was a hectic day but a happy one. Our basic color was blue and then we just decorated with all kinds of bright streamers and baloons. We had over 50 people there and there was nothing left of my meal. I promised everyone they would love it and they did. I have spent a lot of this week giving people my recipe for it. Ray's Nana, Josh's mother Angela, made her nacho dip and it was delicious too. Summer got clown ice cream cones for the kids. We got to see friends we haven't seen in a while. We all just had a great time.

The next day Summer said he kept going from toy to toy playing a little with each one. He wore his self out and napped for like two hours afterwards. He is just a happy baby. My family continues to be blessed by God. He is so good to us.

Well that's about all I have right now. I hope everyone has a good weekend.

Have a blessed day!


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