Monday, October 27, 2008

Time To Set Some Things Straight

Hello Everyone,

You know you can be living your own life, minding your own business when Bam! Some idiot has to try to take away your joy.

So this is about the conversation I blogged about a couple of posts ago. Remember I said I didn't think anything would come of it. When all I did was answer a few questions and gave a couple of compliments. Well some people have never learned to take compliments graciously. The daughter of the person to whom I spoke with, is running her mouth. I suppose she is just so unhappy she has to create drama. So this post is to her. She said that I am a dishonest person and that I like drama.

Dishonest? Me? I have NEVER been called dishonest in my life. In fact, I have many, many times been told I am too honest. I am upfront, blunt and to the point. I don't have hidden agenda's and I am not fake. I pretty much tell it like it is. I am me, plain and simple. I won't say anything behind your back that I wouldn't say to your face. So don't call me dishonest.

I have plenty of witnesses that I didn't do a lot of talking when your mother spoke to me. I NEVER brought up you or your sister. If she said different, she lied to you. But I bet you just made it up. We didn't even talk about your sister's house, who cares anyway? She told me about her husband going to the Army, Navy whatever. All I said to that was "Is he going to have to go to Iraq?” That's it! She did all the talking and I suppose it was because she is proud of her two daughters. The way you are acting and running your mouth I don't know why.

Also, I have never read your blog. I don't care to. But I do have a question: How come if I did read your blog I would be a blog stalker but I KNOW you read mine and you're not a blog stalker? Do you even realize how stupid that term "blog stalker" is? It's on the internet. I could care less if you read mine; that is why I have it on the internet, for people to read.

So that's it, well that's all I heard of anyway. Isn't that the stupidest thing you ever heard of? You got mad because I knew your daughter's name. You got mad because you think I care enough about you to read your blog. I'm glad you have one I hope you like it as much as I like mine. Trying to get your mom fired? What would I get out of that? What could I do to get her fired? She's been there forever.

I did talk to a friend of mine that is an attorney. She couldn't believe that you weren't in high school. As she said, along with a lot of you, that this sounds like high school stuff and childish behavior. However, you can't prove all the stuff you are saying and accusing me of. I was told I'd probably have a good case if I decide to go to court. I am all set if I decide to go that route. I don't have a problem taking you to court to teach you a lesson about false accusations and outright lies.

So while I’ll be discussing and deciding if I am going to go this route, I hope you grow up and stop making up lies and trying to cause trouble. In the meantime, I hope you see me before I see you because if I see you first I will approach you and see if you have the nerve to say anything to my face. Don't forget I am a "crazy" lady no telling what in the world I will start saying or screaming seeing how unstable crazy people are.

I hope you can find some peace and happiness and stop trying to start "drama" when there isn't any. I suggest you get a hobby or something. I also suggest that you keep your mouth shut about me and my family.

My husband was right; he said some people can't stand it when other people are happy. He also said that it is funny that for years I haven't said anything to any of you and the one night I talk to your mother, your tongue starts wagging. Put two and two together and you can see who starts the crap, or excuse me "drama".

I genuinely took your mother's approaching me as a nice gesture. I don't know what your problem is but I hope you get some help, I will be praying you do. Remember what goes around comes around. God knows the truth on all matters, you need to keep that in mind.

Have a blessed day!


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