Friday, November 07, 2008

Wonderful Friday!

Hello Everyone,

I am so happy that it is Friday. I have the weekend off and Alabama will be playing tomorrow. Also this is my weekend with my darling Ray. What don't I like about it being Friday? Larry is off on Fridays and I just don't think it's right that he should be off. Granted he works 4 - 10's but I hate when he is off and I am at work. It just doesn't seem right. That, my friends, is what you call envy.

So on Friday mornings I am the slowest person in the world. I take my time doing everything. He sits there and tells me I am awful begrudging him his Fridays. I am. But I can't help it. Sigh...

Remember the power point presentation I blogged about yesterday? Well two of our agents have sent in their materials. Let me just say that you know some people are just plain stupid. I don't mean to be ugly but have a little sense. The company that we work for and that we are doing the presentation for sent all the agents an example of what they want. You know a bullet guide for them to go by. Well they used "Aerospace Opportunities in Your Area" as an example. One of the agents has actually just emailed me his list of "Aerospace" clients. Here's your sign!

I know that sounded ugly but I am a work in progress. Every day a lesson is learned. Every day a bible verse is understood. Have you ever not "got" a bible verse? To me it is so funny that I'll read something and don't quite get it. I'll re-read it . . nope still don't get it. So I pray that I do and then I read on. A week goes by and then BAM! I got it. Like the V8 commercials. God just slaps you on the head and saids "Duh!". I have to laugh when that happens.

Now a couple of pictures of my Grammyson just because he makes me laugh! I love you little man.

The lamb picture (see my Halloween post). lol He didn't even like wearing it.

He just truly brightens my day.

When someone in your family dies you know how you and your family are reacting but you really don't know how it affects people outside of your family. When my brother died he had a lot of close friends. They came around for a while but eventually they move on. Which is what they should do. First I need to say that it does still hurt to see his friends. I get a pain in my heart when I see them. I ran into one of my brother's best friends the other night.

I guess I've known him since he was in kindergarten. He was telling me that he has had a bad time with drugs since my brother died. He told me that he finally went to an NA meeting and the first person he seen there was my other brother. He took it as a sign that he was right in going to the meeting. Then he said on the way home a song came on, "Tuesday's Gone", he said that since Ray had his accident on a Tuesday he has never been able to listen to that song since he died. He took that as another sign and that he just started crying. Then he ran into me. He was teary eyed while he was telling me his story. He said I know now that I am doing the right thing and that I need to straighten out. I guess God had me in the right place at the right time. I told him that I loved him and that if he needed anything to call me. I also said that he is doing the right thing for him and his family and that I was very proud of him. I hadn't realized that after twenty years he was still hurting too.

So I guess that wraps it up today. I need to finish up my part of that presentation and hope the others have their's in here by 5 o'clock. Cause it's Friday and I am so ready to go home. Have a great weekend everyone.

Have a blessed day!



Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Excellent post. That was powerful! I still have tears in my eyes. I said a prayer for this man a moment ago. Been there, done that (but not with drugs, other things displeasing to God).

You are so kind to reach out to him when you could have just walked away and forgot about it. GOD bless YOU and may this fellow get straightened out soon. Hope you 'run into' him again and he has even better news.

Have a happy, Spirit-filled weekend.

((Hugs)) In Christ ♥ ∞

Vodka Mom said...

hope the weekend was grand......

Valarie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Its always nice to meet another person with your name. Not to many people out there with ours. :) So what part of Alabama are you in?

Valarie said...

As far north as you can get in Madison Co., near Huntsville