Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Hectic Thursday

Hello Everyone,

I am so glad that it is finally Saturday!! From about Tuesday til Friday last week I really didn't know if I was coming or going. Tuesday and Wednesday were just busy, busy, busy days at work. I couldn't complete one task without having to check on another one or talk to someone on the phone about their task. Thursday was the worse day of all for me. I get up every morning at 5:30 with hubby well I usually go back to bed for around an hour or so. Not Thursday I was already to busy to get my cat nap in. I got to work early to finish up some work that had to be done by Thursday. So it was real hectic - this:

And this:

Was my desk on Thursday. So I had to leave work at 12 because Josh and Summer had a baby sitting conflict. My mom went to stay with him at 8:30 but she had an appointment at 12:30. I had to leave work early on Thursday because of a doctor's appointment already. So at 12 I go to get Ray so that my mom can go to her appointment. My dog, Chico, had to be at the groomers at 2 so I grabbed Ray we went to my house til it was time to take Chico to the groomers then we went and had lunch with my mom and two sisters. Mother was done with her appointment so she took Ray at this time so that I could go to my appointment.

Well I wouldn't have minded taking him to my appointment except for it was at the Gynecologist. Now I just don't think that my grandson should be walking around in the examination room while his Grammy/Duck has her legs up in stir ups. I don't know, maybe it's just me.

So after my doctor's appointment is over I run back to my daughter's house to stay with Ray until they get home from work. We always have fun and when it's just the two of us we just play and sing and dance and do silly things. Ray got thirsty so I went to fix him some juice. I suddenly had to go to the restroom. So I fix up his drink put the lid on it and run off to the rest room.

While I am in the rest room he pushes open the door and stands in the doorway. He is standing there drinking out of his little cup when he looks at me and saids "peepee". Very unflattering sight I am sure.

After we get done in the rest room he hands his cup to me. Well I grab hold of it so hard that it some how burst out of the cup straight up into the air and I am covered all over my face with Hawaiian Punch. Right at that moment my daughter and SIL open the front door. They burst out laughing which prompts my grandson to do the same. I, meanwhile, am standing there with punch all over my face, on my blouse, my pants and my shoes. Not to mention the carpet.

So I dry myself up and I still have to run by WalMart. I am exhausted by this time. I make it to WalMart and surpirsingly it was one of my fastest and most enjoyable trip there. I was in and out in about 30 and heading home to make dinner. I get home and my house is a MESS! I failed to mention that they had sent Larry home early from work because it was too wet to work. He is the messiest person I have ever known. You should have seen his house when I first met him. Horrible. So anyways I am ready to pick up, muttering under my breath. He does come into the living room to tell me he ate early and isn't hungry. Thank goodness because by this time it was 10:30 and I was ready to just fall down.

I headed off to bed and slept like a baby. Until the alarm starts screaming at 5:30 Friday morning. It's a good thing Friday was a peaceful, productive and relaxing day, even though I was at work.

I'm signing off now I hope everyone has a great Saturday I am finally putting up my Christmas tree. I am late in everything this year. lol

Have a blessed day!


Anonymous said...

Umm...yeah, I would not want to relive that day!

Tabitha Blue said...

Oh my goodness, sound like a LOOOOONG day. Glad it's over, and hopefully putting up your tree while help all the stress melt away! Enjoy your weekend! I'm sure there'll be plenty to do to keep you busy this coming week!

Zen Ventures said...

ack! Don't even want to look at my piles at work too! very stressful :)

BeckettFan's Tales said...

WoW!! I really cant top that!!! It might get that busy on a Monday or when we are on trauma overload but I don't know!! Hope the weekend is less stressful!! I gotta go get ready to be in the Adamsville parade tonight!! BTW it will be like 3 degrees according to Kimberlee the meteorologist!! YaY!!!

christie said...

Now that's a hectic day!
I hope your weekend has been better!

babbler said...

Hello Valerie, I am glad I don't have that pile sitting on my desk! I would help you if I could! Tam over at YakkityYakYak sent me over to visit you, I wonder if she knows that you are swamped? I shant stay too long, just for a spot of tea and a crumpet....Enjoy your wonderful weekend! Barb

Michelle said...

Reading your story made ME tired. No wonder you couldn't comment that day!

Oh yeah, I go to work to relax, too!