Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fashion Lesson

Hello Everyone,

So if you are a regular reader you know that I have lunch with at least one of my sisters every day. Usually it's just me and Helen (my youngest sister). About once or twice a week Emily (my oldest sister) and Angie (my sister right after me) joins us. On other days my brother-in-law Anthony will join us. Then we have Friday's when my brother, Greg (my other BIL) and my hubby will join in the fun. I can't forget that my daughter and parents join us at times too.

We always have a good time during our lunches. The particular lunch that I wanted to blog about today happened before Christmas. My sister Helen had drawn my name for Christmas. All of my sisters were present at this lunch.

Now some background first. My sister Helen knows all the fashion in style stuff. She's on top of all the designers etc., etc., yawn, etc. Well when my daughter was young I was a single mother and my sister kept her for me after school. She kept her with my mother before she was old enough to go to school. My sister would drag her around to every mall, shopping center and fashion event that would take place. I contribute this to my daughter being the fashion expert that she is today. She is all about fashion. Shoes, purses, clothes, sunglasses and whatever else there is. She knows, like my sister, all of the designers etc., etc., yawn, etc. And she looks good in it too.

By the time she was 4 we were already arguing about what she was going to be wearing. I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on clothes, shoes, purses, ear rings, you name it. When she moved out she took 7 big bins of just shoes with her. There are still 5 bins of shoes in my spare bedroom. In her old room I still can't get into her closet for all the clothes. The spare bedroom closet is stuffed with clothes and so is the living room closet. I am not going to even tell you about her own house where she has two walk in closets full of her clothes and shoes. She is into fashion like her auntie.

Okay so I am completely opposite. I am a shirt, blue jeans and tennis shoes type of person. Now I can dress up when I have to but I am most comfortable in jeans and a shirt. I don't know who the designers are, I don't care to know. I am just not into all that. I even have to confess that yes, I have worn knee hi's with a calf length dress. Okay pick your jaws up off the floor. Geesh. Anyway you get my point, right?

Back to lunch. My sister Helen holds up this purse with C's all over it.

Sister: Look what I got. (while waving her purse)

Me: Cute.

Sister: What?

Me: It's cute.

Sister: You don't know what it is?

Me: I-t-'-s a p-u-r-s-e.

Sister: It's Coach.

Me: What's Coach?

Sister: What? You don't know what Coach is?

Me: Nope.

Sister: It's a designer bag.

Me: Oh well, it's cute.

Sister: (rolling her eyes at me) Well I got you a pair of Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses for Christmas.

Me: I can't wear sunglasses. I can't see with them unless they're prescription. (I've never heard of Yves Saint Laurent)

Sister: You don't want them? (slightly loud)

Me: I can't wear them. I'd have to get contacts then I can't wear my contacts when my face is swollen from my Prednisone. So I can't wear them because I won't be able to see.

Sister: You don't want them? They are Yves Saint Laurent!

Me: Look I don't even know who that is, I don't want sunglasses.

Sister: I'm calling Summer (my daughter). She'll want them, she'll know exactly who he is.

Me: She won't want them. She already has prescription sunglasses and she won't be able to see out of them. Her eyes are worse than mine.

Sister is talking to my daughter on the phone. I am telling my other sister that I don't care and don't even know who Coach is or Yves Saint Laurent. What kind of name is that anyway? So my sister gets off the phone and announces that my daugther said Yes she wants them. She is EXCITED about getting them.

At that moment my text message dingy thing goes off. It's my daughter, this is exactly how her text read:

"Mom Auntie Helen is giving me some Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses!!!! Can you buy me some contacts for Christmas so that I can wear them? I'd really really really love it if you did!! Thanks I love you."

So there you go.

Fashion lesson for me - $0.00 (worthless)
Contacts for Summer - $125.00
Yves Saint Laurent Sunglassess - $265.00
Seeing how happy it made Summer - priceless!

Have a blessed day!


tam said...

Valerie that is so darn funny-thanks for the laugh! I LOVE Coach by the way!!!And Chanel and Burberry oh I could go on and on~Sorry lost my mind for a second!

tam said...

Oh yea but P.S. (LoL) My favorite thing to wear-tee shit and jeans-no shoes! But I do have a closet full should I ever decide to! ~Tam:D

Anonymous said...

You didn't know what Coach was??? Valerie, I'm shocked!!!!!

Those lunches sound so special!

LeighAnne said...

Hey Valerie,

Thanks for visiting my blog. That is so neat that ours is named the same thing! :) You have good taste. I hope you will come back and visit again!


~*Lisa*~ said...

Valarie I have no idea what just happened but I typed a long big ol comment and blogger must have erased it :( Anyway I was saying you and I are a lot alike. My two sister's are the fashionistas I am happy in Jeans and a racing t shirt. :) I hope your having a great week. Blessings

The Blonde Duck said...

I'm not a couture girl, so I get where you're coming from. I'd probably be really mean and not buy the contacts!

Stesha said...

Love Coach!

Hugs and Mocha,

Michelle said...

Hee hee! I may know who they are and recognize them, but generally I could care less. And I certainly wouldn't buy contact just so I could have some trendy sunglasses. But hey -- at least the sunglasses went to good use, right? What a fun story.

And thank you so much for coming to visit my blog on my SITS day. Today has been so much fun and so lovely to see the response and fun comments. I really appreciate it. I hope you enjoyed my blog and come back to visit soon!