Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Baby Snacks and More

Hello Everyone,

So last week my little grandbaby had double ear infections. The poor baby was all stuffed up too. I only got to see him one day but I did get to keep him all day on Sunday. I guess he was waiting for me to come over cause he led me straight to his pantry. His mother keeps all his little snacks on the bottom shelf of the pantry. He can go in there and get whatever he wants. He can't open anything but he'll go in there and get what he wants then he brings it to you to open saying "bite" the whole time. When I went to see him he grabbed my index finger and led me to the pantry. He pointed to his shelf. On the shelf sat only two of his little Gerber Graduates Lil' Crunchies cans. He pointed at them and then shurgged his shoulder and put his head down.

Well I am the one that usually buys him all of his snacks. His mom and dad do a little but I am the one that comes in with three to four bags of his lil' crunchies, crackers, cookies, mac 'n cheese and little meals. I will come in and lay all the bags on the floor then he will run to them and go through each back saying "ook" as he pulls all of his favorite little snacks out. So I think he was trying to tell me that he was almost out. I tell you he is the smartest little guy!

I had mentioned that I went to the doctor with Summer the other day. We took Ray with us and I was just amazed at how many kids there that had pacifiers in their mouths. Now Ray stopped sucking on a pacifier when he was around 3 months old. He just didn't want it anymore (he basically did the same thing with a bottle when he was around 10 months old). I have always heard that when a baby gets teeth to stop using a pacifier. I seen a picture the other day of a little girl that I know still sucks on a pacifier and you can really tell it by her teeth. So if your baby has teeth or is over the age of 2 you have waited too long. An easy way to break the habit? Don't buy any more! If they have one right now pop a hole in it. It removes the air and they don't like sucking on something that's flat. Ok Grammy lesson over.

Last week I spent a few hours with my boss' wife and a friend to help them set up their new embroidery machine. It is a very expensive and very nice one. I had to set up the software on the computer. So that meant I had to learn it. Very neat and I look forward to making many designs that I can give to them to make for my grandbabies. It is such fun to be working with the software. This mutual friend also does smocking and she has suggested to me that I should learn how to smock. I have seen it and think it's beautiful. It's perfect for little girl dresses and outfits. I'm sure I can find fun little boy stuff to use it for too.

We have been talking every day to my nephew. Last night his mother called and said she appreciated how I 'talked' to my nephew and let her be the one to actually talk to him instead of just blurting out who I was. But you know it wasn't about hurting my nephew or upsetting him. I would never do that. He has been very interested and has been looking at all of our pictures. He has commented about how close we seem and that we seem to have a lot of fun. I just sent him mail telling him that no matter what it seemed like he has always been with us. Just today he had started talking to one of his sisters. So we all seem to be getting to know each other and hoping to see each other soon. He said he is glad to know about his other family. All he has on his mom's side is an aunt and grandparents. He has no cousins at all. He has already talked to my nephews and they are planning on playing xbox together over the internet or however xbox does that. So everything at this point is working out beautifully. We have an awesome God people!!

Have a blessed day!


Tea Time With Melody said...

What an awsome turn of events. I am glad that all is working out of you and your brother. Family is very important.

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

I, too, am so happy that things are working out. Y'all deserve good things. God is merciful. :o) ♥ ∞

Aunt Spicy said...

What a sweet story about your nephew! I am sure the blessings will keep rolling in!

tam said...

Im sorry to hear about your little grand son's cold-and I hope he gets feeling better very soon!
Wonderful news about your brother's son and how well everything is working out~What wonderful blessing!~Smiles~Tam!