Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Fun

Hello Everyone,

I hope your weekend is going well. Mine has been great. Friday I had lunch with all of my siblings. Helen and I usually have lunch everyday and one of my other sisters usually join us a couple times a week. On Friday's our brother does. Well this past Friday all of us were together. We haven't had lunch with all of us present in a while. It was nice and we had a lot of fun, probably too much as we got stares a couple of times. Oh well!

Saturday started early for us. We woke up had a big breakfast then we got our lil man. The minute his feet hit our living room floor he is off. He's like a kid in toy land (not that we have that many toys). He runs straight for his toy box and starts digging in it. We have so much fun with him. He gets so tired but absolutely refuses to take a nap while he is at our house.

We left to go to my sisters for a birthday celebration. I had mentioned in my post on Friday that Saturday was my grandmother's birthday. Well it is also my brother in law's birthday, Anthony. You may remember Anthony from here. So we made enchilada's and had a great time. My cousins from Florida were here and it was nice seeing them and their kids.

We decided to make a fire outside and roasted marshmallows so that we could make smores. Oh they were delicious. We hadn't done that in forever. We always have a good time together and it's nice to be with my family. We played on the Xbox and sang with the Xbox band thingy that my nephew got for Christmas. My family always protests to my singing. lol

I absolutely love to sing. Unfortunately I am tone deaf and I can't carry a tune. So when we are in heaven and you hear the most beautiful voice singing that you have ever heard - it will be me. I am totally convinced that God is going to give me a beautiful voice in heaven because I didn't have one here on earth. Either that or all of you are going to get dysfunctional ears that make my earthly voice sound great!

One more thing I think it's time to introduce you to my new grandchild. I don't know what sex he/she is yet but I already love her/him! I am excited about watching her/him come into this world just like I did her/his brother. That was the most amazing moment of my life. My daughter and son in law are the best for wanting me with them during that special moment. My daughter said every girl wants their Mom with them when they give birth. I know she's right cause I did too.

It's just amazing!

I need to run now. I have a nice day planned and need to get it started. I hope it's a looonngg day because I'm not ready for the weekend to end. Take care!

Have a blessed day!

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