Thursday, April 09, 2009

An Award and A Giveaway!

Hello Everyone,

Mrs. Sandy @ One Day At A Time has bestowed on me the Kreativ Blogger Award!! Yay!! Now I love Sandy's blog so please click over and check it out, I know your going to too.

Ok so with this award (which by the way I have been coveting for a while now) I am to list 7 things that I love. Then for the hard part to pick 7 of my friends to bestow it upon. I say hard because there are so many to choose from. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

7 things I LOVE!

1. Jesus - always
2. My Family - can't live without them
3. My Dog - yes he is that important to me
4. My Friends - they make life interesting
5. My Home - my favorite place to be
6. Mexican food - it's the best
7. Blogging - reading or writing I love it!

Ok now the hard part. I am bestowing this Kreativ Blogger Award to these wonderful bloggers:

1. Lisa @ A Day In Our Blessed Lives!
2. Rosie @ Vino Bodega
3. Shauna @ Trying to Say Calm!
4. Carey @ The Christensen's Way of Life
5. Melody @ Tea Time With Melody
6. Lianne @ Socks are NOT the enemy
7. B @ Simply B, Simply Me

It was so hard to pick plus I had to check to see if they have received this award yet. I like being the first to give someone a certain kind of award. I enjoy getting them so much too!

Now on to the giveaway. I don't know what it is but there is something about tote bags. I have tons. But when I seen that Ann @ AnnOnandOn was giving away one, will dang it I just have to enter. Here is what she is giving away, and yes it does include the monograming!!

Now who wouldn't want that? Better hurry though contest ends April 15th!

Have a blessed day!


Shauna said...

Awesome thank you! I will get right on it ;) ♥ HUGS ♥

B said...

You are too sweet girl! Thanks for passing on the love!

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Congratulations on the Kreativ Blogger Award! You so totally deserve it. :o)) Makes one feel fuzzy all over when someone gives an award, doesn't it.
God bless pal.

Lighthouse Prayer Line said...

Hi Valerie,

Thanks for sharing that with us! That sounds like a wonderful contest! :)
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mind praying for the prayer requests that are
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May the Lord bless you and your family!!

Mark, Lynn, Brooke & Carley Seay

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Anonymous said...

You do deserve it Congrats!! And have a Blessed Easter:)

Tea Time With Melody said...

Thank you Valerie! I am one that love awards, not shy at all.....

Lianne said...

Yea for awards! Thanks, Valerie!

I hope you keep getting good news from the doctors. Have a wonderful Easter!

Rosie said...

Oh my goodness! Thank you so much! I am truly honored! This is great news, since I havn't been feeling to well the past couple of days and not at my top bloggy form!

Thanks again!