Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Interview With God

Hello Everyone,

My friend Yvonne sent this to me in an email the other day and I liked it. I thought I would share it with all of you.

I am excited about this weekend. We have a singing on Friday, an Easter Egg hunt on Saturday and then of course Easter Sunday service. I'll be taking Ray to our Easter Egg hunt, I am so excited. Last year he was only 6 months old so he didn't know and didn't care what was going on.

I also went to my general practitioner yesterday and my blood work is a little better. He agrees with me that we should just wait for the blood results before talking about doing any biopsies. In the meantime he told me he didn't think we had any thing to worry about. So YAY!!!

Oh I received my blog swap partner I am so excited about this. I will be picking up items this weekend for her package. I hope everyone has a great Wednesday!!

Have a blessed day!


~Mrs Sandy~ said...

That was wonderful!!!!!
Hugs, Sandy

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

That will be so much fun this weekend! All the holidays are so much fun with kids - it's like reliving them all over again.

Yay for better bloodwork!

Anonymous said...

Every time I see that I love it even more!! thanks I need that today:)