Saturday, April 04, 2009

Friday Happenings

Hello Everyone,

Well the doctor finally called and I have Bronchitis. So three days after going to the doctor he calls me in a prescription. Good thing it wasn't something really serious right? I am still waiting on my kidney results he said they weren't in yet. Need prayers that they are ok and I am not rejecting my kidney.

As I was sitting on my couch I started to hear all kinds of popping noises. As my dog barked and ran around the living room because of the noise, I realized it was fireworks. I had forgotten that they were celebrating the opening of the baseball fields for this season. Our city just last year built new baseball fields after destroying the old ones for a new mall. The new ones are really just down the street from my house. Though you can't access them from my neighborhood unless you want to walk or swim (depending on the depth) across a creek. You can see the lights though. So that explained the strange popping noises.

I met my sisters and mother for lunch and I got my grand baby at around 1 and spent about two hours with him and Larry at my house. Oh and it was my nieces Senior Prom. We all met up at my sister's house for pictures around 4. Here are my nieces in their dresses.

The girls were in a great mood after they had finally got their dresses on and weren't stressing so much. We had a good time taking pictures and watching them leave.

So that was basically my Friday. I was so glad to be feeling better and that the weekend was here. I hope everyone has a good weekend.

Have a blessed day!

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lmt1073 said...

What beautiful girls! I know as an aunt you are proud!