Monday, June 01, 2009

Baby Jarrod Update!!!

Hello Everyone,

Remember this post about Baby Jarrod? Well I have an update.
Baby Jarrod has Esophageal artesia that is basically where the esophagus is not formed properly. In Baby Jarrod's case the top of his esophagus isn't attached to his throat and it also is not attached to his stomach.

Now the doctor's say that it is treatable. He will have to have several surgeries to correct this. They will have to stretch the esophagus but they have to do this in stages. He is breathing on his own. But he is still little and need our prayers. He is 2 months premature and weighs only 3 lbs.

His mother got to come home but you know it is sad when you can't leave the hospital with your baby. Please pray for Baby Jarrod and for his mom, Miranda and dad, Brandon.

As I mentioned in my last post, Miranda has been a friend of my daughters for quite a while. Now like all friendships they have had their up and downs. They have always been friends but at times in their lives they have been close and other times they haven't. They are now related by marriage and enjoy the fact that they are "related" now.

Miranda's mother and I have always been friends. She is someone I know that I can count on. She has put Baby Jarrod in the Lord's hands and is just asking for everyone's prayer.

I have talked to my friend and they are grateful for all the prayers that we will send up to the good Lord for Baby Jarrod. Please remember this family. Until next time

Have a blessed day!


Lianne said...


My husband's baby cousin, Elliot, was also born with EA. His esophagus ends in a pouch above his stomach. The dr. has done stretching exercises in his pouch to lengthen it for the last 3.5 months (he's 4 months old). Surgery is FINALLY scheduled for this Wednesday. It has been a difficult journey for his family, but God has been with them. Elliot started out at barely 2 lbs and is now up to 13.

Please let this family know that there is hope and that I am praying for them.

Anissa said...

Thanks for the update -- I remember reading that. Keeping him and his family in my prayers. TFS

Kris said...

Thanks for stopping by--and even more for following!! I'm glad you liked what you saw...I like your blog too!! I keep this precious little one in my prayers...have a blessed night!

Mighty M said...

Thanks for the update - so glad to hear it is treatable!