Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Lucky Me!

Hello Everyone,

I guess I am lucky so far this week. On Monday I told ya'll that I had won Jori's at Jeff & Me + Three $15 iTunes giveaway. Well yesterday I won Future Mama of BabyMakinMachine baby burp clothe giveaway. My hubs saids that I need to go buy a lottery ticket. lol

So I ended up watching 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here' after saying I wasn't. But you know what when my hubs said that he was going to watch it I was shocked. The only, I guess what you would call reality show, he watches is Survivor. I told him well there aren't really any celebrities on there is there? He said three words Lou Diamond Phillips.

So I clicked right over to it. {{Sigh}} That was enough for me!

But actually the only celebrities I know are Stephen Baldwin, Lou Diamond Phillips and Janice Dickinson. Ok I know who Sanjaia is but I really don't consider him a celebrity. All of the other ones I have never seen and don't have a clue who in the world they are. My hubs did say one was a wrestler and one a basketball player. It really isn't the best show but it was ok. I actually got to read up on some blogs and make a few comments while watching it. lol

I am really glad I got to read some blogs last night because today I am on the run all day. Errands, errands, errands!

Hey did you notice that new button on my top right hand side? Well I am taking the Crystal Light Challenge. Click on it and join in.

I have joined Alabama Bloggers! I was wanting to find a place where I could find other blogs from Alabama and while I am following quite a few I thought there must be a site. Well Rachel at Grasping for Objectivity in my Subjective Life put this blog together. I have talked to Rachel and I am going to be a regular contributer to the site. Yay!!!

I am going to be deciding if I want to blog about a specific topic for a regular column or if I just want to write about different things. I just have to let Rachel know what it is I want to be doing. I will be thinking about it. Any ideas?

Grasping Objectivity

You know I will definitely be letting you know what's going on! I am really excited about doing this! Until next time

Have a blessed day!


Michelle said...

You have been a lucky blogger! I have only seen the last few minutes of that celeb show. Did Spencer and Heidi already get the boot???

Rosie said...

I don't consider Sanjaya a celebrity either, actually most of them are not.

Hope you continue to follow me on my new blog I had trouble with my old blog and had to start a new one. I have giveaways too so since you are on a hot streak, come on over!

Kris said...

Congratulations girl!! Sounds like an awesome week to me!

Mighty M said...

You definitely ought to think about getting that lottery ticket! I watched a few minutes of that show last night too - that was about all I could take of it! ;-)

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

I wish we had a Georgia Bloggers. We're always behind the times ... ha ha
Good photo there gal. Hubba hubba!!

Anissa said...

You should buy a lottery ticket. Who is Sanjaya, never heard of the name.
But I'm not much of a tv watcher.

Knit Purl Gurl said...

Congrats on your winnings!! Ya, I don't consider reality TV participants celebs either! Thanks for popping over to my blog the other day! :)

Yaya said...

Wow you are in a winning streak! Pass some of that good luck my way, will ya? :)

AudreyO said...

Congratulations on your wins. I enter contests and love those emails that say "you won"

momstheword said...

I haven't seen the show but I have seen Survivor!

As for your question I blog at my personal blog and at Five Moms And A Blog.

For me, it works better to just blog about whatever I want.

If I had to blog about any particular topic every week, that might be tough.

On the other hand, if you have a set topic, at least you have an idea!

I know, I'm no help, sorry!

Tea Time With Melody said...

Ya, I said I wasn't going to watch it either but I did. Cracked me up!. But ya, Lou Diamond Philips for sure