Monday, February 08, 2010

Beth Moore and Some Siestas!!

So I know all of you guys know that I am crazy about Beth Moore!! Well she will be in my hometown this Wednesday signing her new book So Long, Insecurity and I am just OVER the MOON!!! So excited!! I can't believe that she will be in my hometown! Just amazes me - no one comes here!!

Not only that but I am going to Atlanta in April to see her!! I am so excited and looking forward to meeting more bloggy and twitter friends!!

 Then in December she will be at Deeper Still here in Birmingham and yes I will be going to that too!! So excited to see and meet my spiritual mentor, Mama Beth as we Siestas call her!!

Speaking of Siesta's here is a little shot of a few that I have been twittering with for a while and had the opportunity to meet the first of January.

They are Nikki, Lisa (the speaker), Robyn, Jenny, Dedra, Mary, Karen (in green), me, Tammy (in black) in back with Cathy. Hop over and visit with them!

I met them at the Revive 2010 conference in Oneonta. After the event we got to eat and chat a while. It was held at a beautiful golf course clubhouse and there was snow outside. It was beautiful scenery and a wonderful message from Lisa. If you ever get the chance to hear her speak DO IT!!

Ok so I have to run now I have bible study in just a bit. Have I told you which one it is? It is Beth Moore's Breaking Free!! Each one of her bible studies I do I like it better than the last!!

Oh and did you notice the little ticker on top? I stole that from Becky Jo at Sweet Abundance! She is one of the Siesta's that I can't wait to meet in Atlanta! Ok really need to go!

Have a blessed day!



Lianne said...

You know, I really wanted to go see Beth on Wednesday. I was going to tell her that our baby will have the same name (different spelling) as her granddaughter, Annabeth. I just don't think I could stand in line for hours to meet her on pregnant feet! :(

Have fun! Know that I'm jealous!

beckyjomama said...

SOOOO excited to meet you too!

Crystal said...

That is so exciting you get to see Beth on Wednesday!! I can't wait for Atlanta my sister and I booked out trip this weekend!!!

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Your post really made me crave girl time... LOTS of girl time! I love how you called your friends "Siestas", implying both sisterhood and relaxation. Isn't that what a good girlfriend is, a break from the stresses of life?

Beautiful blog, I'll be back!

Confessions From A Working Mom

Cascia said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun!

♥ Mandy ♥ said...

I love Beth too!! I watch her on tv every Wednesday morning and can't get enough of her. She is fabulous.

Tammy said...

How extremely neat! I just finished reading So Long, Insecurity and like all of her books and Bible Studies it was so encouraging.

Jenifer said...

Maybe we ran into each other in Fultondale! Ha! I was a "G"! Beth was precious! I'll be in Atlanta too in April in the overflow and just got my ticket for December the other day!

Anonymous said...

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