Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Hello everyone!!

Well last Wednesday I woke up so excited!!! It was the day that I was FINALLY meeting BETH MOORE!!!! So I had taken the day off just because I wanted to. I thought well I will have to go stand in line and I am going to be sure I get to see her!!

I had planned on getting there about noon. Then I decided I would call. They said they were giving tickets out at 1 p.m. so I thought great 12 it is. I got in touch with my buddy Mary who was meeting me there. We were texting and a tweeting lol.

So I had the whole morning to kill. I had had an hair appointment but when I got there they had a sign reading No Debit Cards and No Credit Cards. What? Really? Well by the time it took me to go to my bank's ATM to get cash and then back to the salon it would be 25 minutes - 25 minutes that I did not have to spare! Yes I could have went to a closer ATM but then I would've been charged for that convenience fee or what ever it's called. I just didn't feel like I wanted to pay any kind of fee just because they didn't take a card. So I went to another salon that I go to sometimes. Well as I walked in I reached into my pocket and realized I did not even have my wallet with me!! I had decided not to tote my purse with me (I do that A LOT) and just bring my little wallet I use when we go riding. I was going to wear another pair of jeans (beige) but had decided that blue jeans would be better. My wallet was in my other pair of jeans. Great!

Well by the time I went home and got it and back to the salon I didn't have time to get my hair cut! :( So I just decided to wax my eyebrows and mustache so that my morning wouldn't' be a complete loss. Because by this time it was getting close to 12!

I headed on over to the Family Christian Book store. There were only a couple of people in there. I went in got Mary's and Gayle's book (So Long, Insecurity) and went to the counter to pay for them. I was just chatting with the cashier as I usually do since I am a frequent visitor (too frequent). I asked for them to make sure to give me the bookmarks and as she did she asked me if I wanted to go ahead and get my tickets!!! A WHOLE HOUR BEFORE ANYONE ELSE!!!! I said 'yes that would be great!' As she handed them to me she said 'shh your the first one to get them!' So I was excited!! Here are the bookmarks - the one on the left is the one you get when you purchased your book on the right is your ticket for the book signing!


So I was SO EXCITED and had to call Mary and tell her that I got our tickets early!! We had decided to meet back at the store a little later. After having lunch and running a few errands it was finally time! I went in and still was surprised that there wasn't a lot of people there - about 15 or so. But of course I did see a few people that I knew. So we were just hanging out with our buddies and yaking! Here are a few pictures while we were waiting.

Mary and Gayle with the Chic Fil A cow! (ha! I'm a poet)

Before we were called to get in line.
Pretty little Morgan, Mary, Gayle, Me and Jenny Hope (who only wishes she was as beautiful as Morgan).
I have actually known Mary for a little while - such a great lady! I met Jenny Hope last month at Mary's Revive 2010 posted here. Wednesday was the first time for me to meet Jenny's little girl Morgan and also (although I have been following her on Twitter) Gayle.

Mary and I - waiting in line!
 Morgan, Jenny and Gayle waiting in line.
Me and Beth!! So excited!! We hugged here like about three or four times!! lol

Then we went across the parking lot to eat - Mexican!!


After we ate we went back to see Mama Beth again!
This time she was walking down the line!

And I got a better picture with her!! Chatted and hugged a minute or so longer!

It was great fun to hang out with Mary, Gayle, Jenny and Morgan. I had so much fun! Also it was great to see several ladies from church, bible study and other friends I haven't seen for ages.

Have a blessed day!


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Kristen said...

How wonderful! I'm so happy for you!