Monday, May 24, 2010

Life Change!!

So the major change in my life is that my daughter and her family have moved in with us. (Taking a deep breath) When she first asked if she could I knew I couldn't say no, hubs knew he couldn't say no. But we have been so use to living by ourselves (7 years!!) that we have become VERY comfortable. There was quiet in our house, with just the noise of our Chicobaby barking when he heard something. We have been use to being alone. It will be a month on the 29th. We have adjusted fairly well. Hubs has had more problem than I have. He also has been laid off from work so he is there all day. For a couple of weeks he wasn't really handling it too well - leaving to go to a friends house. And well let's just say I prefer he stay away from this friend's house. I am so glad that he hasn't been there in over a week now and things have gone back to normal for he and I.

The living room and dining room are a little cluttered. I went through a few things over the weekend and cleared out the living room pretty good. I will start on the dining room tomorrow. My daughter is reorganizing the kitchen. She has been doing the cooking, all of the cooking, so that I don't have to when I come in from work. Cleaning is a bit more challenging for her though. lol We still need to get one of the bedroom's organized so the kiddos can have a play room.

This morning as I heard my oldest grandson jumping and laughing in the living room it made me smile. It also makes me smile when I walk into the living room and see their cute little faces. They are always smiling and happy to see me. To my husband's delight our son-in-law has been great with the yard work. lol So overall we are all adjusting to each other.

Oh I failed to mention the reason they moved in with us. They have property over in the next county and they moved in with us to save money for the building of their house. The property is paid for and they want to do like my son-in-law's sister and build their own house. So please pray with me that all works out well for them and us!!! lol

Have a blessed day!


Amanda said...

Good stuff!

Brooke said...

You both are wonderful parents to help them out like that! I hope everything goes well!

ethelmaepotter! said...

How blessed they are to have parents who are willing and able to them in! And for such a great cause - building their own home. I practically begged my son and daughter-in-law to do the same, but my daughter-in-law said she couldn't live with my Fred, also known as El Grande Cheapo.

Hope things continue going well for you and yours!

Anonymous said...

That is a huge change for all of you. Hope everything continues to go smoothly and they are able to build their own home.

Tea Time With Melody said...

Oh my goodness! I myself am waiting for the day my son and his family move back home. Times are hard for people today. I only hope I have the patience you have.